Ever read comments like “You used to be so pretty what happened?” on people’s Instagram? Or worse have someone say that to you directly?

We came across a couple of #FBF pictures of Kourtney Kardashian on her Instagram today. The pictures were obviously taken when Kourtney was much younger, probably before she had kids. Or even if she’d already had 1 kid, certainly before she became a mother of three. Anyone who has crossed the bridge from age 25 to age 35 knows that you don’t look the same at 35 as you did at 25. You (gasp) look a little older. Hello? A whole entire bleeping decade passes between the age of 25 and the age of 35. And for most women, that decade is a one of major transformation.

Kourtney Kardashian has 3 kids. The woman with 3 kids who still looks like she did at 25 is the woman who isn’t quite sure about her kids names and ages. A hands-on mother of 3 whose children are her #1 priority isn’t going to still look like her 25 year old self. Being a “real” mother isn’t bleeping glamorous. Aside from that, Kourtney has had the kind of relationship experiences that take a toll on your looks. Stress doesn’t tighten you up. It does the opposite. It makes you droop and sag. Not saying Kourtney is drooping and sagging; but between the toll that time takes by itself alone and the toll that everything else takes, you’re not going to find very many over 30 women with multiple children and a family who look like Kourtney does in these #FBF pics that inspired the comment about how pretty she used to be by comparison to her looks today.

Kourtney Kardashian cropped leather biker jacket images via kourtneykardash on Instagram 1
Images via @kourtneykardash on Instagram
Images via @kourtneykardash on Instagram
Images via @kourtneykardash on Instagram

Yeah, there will always be a handful of women who manage to look as hot and even hotter, but they manage it because their vanity and/or insecurity is at an epic high level. But on average, women who are busy raising children and building a family are going to look like Kourtney looks today — like she now has things to care about that are more important than her looks. Which isn’t to say she doesn’t care about her looks. You can still care about your looks, but it’s not your topmost priority any more. You’re not getting up every day with your number one concern being that you have to try your hardest to look as pretty as you did when you were twenty-five.

People can be so mean and thoughtless. And this is of course something they only say to women who are aging. They see a picture of the woman when she was 25 before she had any real life experience and they compare that picture of her to how she looks now with years of character shaping experiences under her belt.

Everybody goes through a change. Matter of fact we go through many changes. That’s just the fact of life; and it’s unnecessary to tell someone how different they look today from the way they used to look once upon a time. Everybody looks different today from the way they looked once upon a time. We all transition. Whether we transition at a rapid rate or at a slow rate it makes no difference. That our looks change is a given. People who used to be pretty don’t stop being pretty because of something they do wrong. Their looks change in relation to time and experience, and that is all. We’ve been reading articles in which people are making an argument for classifying aging as a disease. Well, if it is a disease, everyone gets afflicted from the moment they are conceived, so it’s ridiculous to point the finger and talk about people when the effects of aging begin to show. Until they officially classify aging as a disease and find a cure for it, it is now just a fact of life that happens to everybody.



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