Ralph Lauren olive sweater black leggings over knee leather boots


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Ralph Lauren olive sweater black leggings over knee leather boots

It’s a bright and sunny morning here in my neck of the woods. I am sitting here wearing my comfy coral flared skirt and a short-sleeved denim shirt. I’m wearing the skirt like a strapless dress and the shirt is sort of hanging off me because it’s a little hot so I can’t bear to feel the cloth on my neck and shoulders.

I just hit my elbow on the corner of a piece of wood. Cursed a long string of expletives. The pain is subsiding now.

Just took a gulp from a bottle of Nestle Pure Life water and now I am ready to talk about the outfit I have put together for my virtual fall winter outfit ideas scrap book.

I will start with this pair of boots from RALPH LAUREN COLLECTION. These are an $1,800 pair of black leather boots. RALPH LAUREN COLLECTION Polished Leather Harrah Over-The-Knee Boots in Black

Ralph Lauren Collection Polished Leather Harrah Over-The-Knee Boots in Black

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I’m not sure what the social attitude is towards leather. Is it the same as towards fur?

These boot are 100% Calf Leather. They are polished black leather over the knee length boots with an almond toe and a blocky black stacked leather high heel. Not sure of the heel height. Looks to be maybe about 3 inches.

Seller Description

Styled with a sultry over-the-knee height” these polished calfskin boots from Ralph Lauren Collection lend a tough-luxe look to every outfit

The picture below shows how these boots look when being worn. (Image via stylebop.com),

Ralph Lauren Collection Polished Leather Harrah Over-The-Knee Boots in Black on model

It would be nice to have the option to chose to buy these boots if I wanted to buy them or chose not to buy them for whatever reason but at least to know I could buy them if I wanted them.

The next item for this outfit is this olive heather wool-cashmere cable knit sweater from
RALPH LAUREN BLUE LABEL. The RALPH LAUREN BLUE LABEL Wool-Cashmere Dolman Sleeve Pullover in Autumn comes with a $310 price tag.

Ralph Lauren Blue Label Wool-Cashmere Dolman Sleeve Pullover in Autumn

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Seller Description

The classic cable gets a modern remix in Ralph Lauren’s draped dolman sleeve pullover

Muted olive heather wool-cashmere cable knit straight neckline 3/4-length dolman sleeves ribbed cuffs

Oversized fit

Style with a tissue turtleneck knit skirt and tall leather boots

I’m starting to get to where I see a $310 price tag on an item of clothing and think it’s cheap even if I still can’t afford to buy it myself. $310 is more than likely considered a bargain price by ladies who typically shop high end designer brands.

For some reason I keep envisioning Eva Longoria. I have no idea why her name popped into my head when I thought to myself that there are women out there for whom a $310 sweater is a cheap sweater. Maybe she was on my mind all along. Sometimes celebrity figures make appearances in my dreams. Maybe Eva was in one of my dreams last night and so her name is in my head as a result. I do know that Venus Williams was in one of my dreams last night. She had invited me to go for a walk with her but she insisted I needed to have proper shoes. Apparently the heel height of the sneakers I owned was all wrong for going walking. I needed sneakers with at least one thick inch of heel but preferably 2 – 3 inches of heel. I was complaining that I did not have such sneakers but after we looked around it turned out I had a pair of converse sneakers that were workable. So I threw on my converse sneakers and went walking in a field where we had a conversation that lead to the discovery that we were related.

So anyway on to the next item.

RALPH LAUREN BLACK LABEL Merino Wool Stretch Leggings with Leather in Black

Ralph Lauren Black Label Merino Wool Stretch Leggings with Leather in Black

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These leggings come with a $1″ 195 price tag. I don’t know about you but it seems to me that $1,195 for a pair of leggings is a bit much. I guess the “leather paneling” is what accounts for the exorbitant price but seriously…

Side View and Back view of leggings

Material composition is 78% Merino Wool 21% Polyamide and 1% Elastane with 100% Leather paneling.

Seller Description

Luxe leather paneling adds a kick of attitude to these stretch merino leggings from Ralph Lauren Black

Black stretch wool leather side and back panels

Team with a chunky knit pullover ankle boots and a drawstring satchel

Ralph Lauren Collection Vintage Leather Saddle Bag in Black

Ralph Lauren Collection Vintage Leather Saddle Bag in Black

Buy It!

This Ralph Lauren Collection vintage black leather saddle bag comes with a $1070 price tag.

Seller Description

Lend a tough-luxe finish to timeless looks with this stud-laden saddle bag from Ralph Lauren Collection

Vintage black calfskin flap with gold-toned studs buckled shoulder strap with stirrup fob back slot pocket inside front wall slot pocket and phone slot

Team with a classic cut pea coat bright scarf and ankle boots

So there you have the pieces for this fall/winter outfit idea. An olive colored dolman sleeved sweater with a pair of black leggings a pair of over the knee black leather boots and a black leather saddle bag. Total price for everything $4375. Throw on your favorite pieces of jewelry that go with the outfit and step out for a day of more shopping because you can never have too much stuff right?

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