Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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Rag & Bone Ava sweater Balmain black biker jeans leather ankle boots

It’s Saturday again. Time sure goes by fast these days.

I managed to get my 5 day juice fast completed successfully. I have decided to try to extend it. My goal is to add an additional 5 days. I might not succeed; but that’s okay. I met my initial goal and that’s good. I’ll take this one a day at a time. So far so good today. It’s early yet but I don’t feel like I absolutely must have something solid to eat.

I do know all about the talk that juice-fasting is actually quite bad for you  and I’ll be honest with you. I have been doing fasts for over a year now. I’ve probably done at least 1 fast every month since last July. My fasts range from 3 days – 14 days. They have been great for resetting my mind and my body when I’ve fallen out of balance; but I did notice after the last 2 fasts (not including this most recent), I seemed to gain weight rapidly without really doing anything that should have caused weight gain. Some of what I’ve read suggests that eventually juice fasting crashes your metabolism and I am concerned based on my experience with the previous 2 fasts that there might be some truth in that. I am trying to be more careful in how I transition out of the fast this time around.

So that’s what’s going on with me. I’ll be going out of the house for the first time in a while today. I have agreed to do dinner and a movie with Janice her boyfriend and a friend of her boyfriend’s tonight. Needless to say this is another attempted hook-up mission on Janice’s part. She’s been trying to hook me up with men for a while now thinking a man is what I need to help me come to terms with what happened to Kenny Nathan and Jessica and move on with my life. There are things she doesn’t know about me and my past that maybe if she knew she might find it easier to understand why it’s proving so hard for me to move on; but anyway….

I’ll probably wear jeans and a sweater with ankle boots tonight. Maybe my Rag & Bone Ava sweater that I haven’t had a chance to wear yet with my black Balmain low Rise Biker Jeans or maybe the blue one depends on how I feel later. Right now I’m thinking the black with the Ava sweater and my Balmain black leather ankle boots with the tortoise shell spike heels. I think my Valentino bag would be the perfect choice for this outfit.

Rag & Bone Ava sweater Balmain black biker jeans leather ankle boots

Rag Bone black white print Ava sweater($1195),

Rag-Bone black oversized sweater pullover with leather accents

Balmain faded black wash denim snap tab biker jeans ($1205),

Balmain faded black wash denim snap tab biker jeansBuy It!

Balmain black leather tortoiseshell-heeled Ankle Boots ($1725),

Balmain black leather tortoiseshell-heeled Ankle Boots

Valentino Rockstud black leather Medium Double Handle Tote bag ($2395),

Valentino Rockstud black leather Medium Double Handle Tote bagBuy It!

I’m not sure yet what film we’re going to see. I was checking out a list of films in theaters right now and there’s nothing I really want to see. Of the films on the list the only two I’d be willing to consider giving a chance are Gravity and Dallas Buyers Club. Jessica was suggesting Black Nativity. I like Jennifer Hudson but I can’t imagine Black Nativity would be worth going to the theater to watch. Janice is supposed to call in a bit and we’ll discuss what film we’re going to see as well as where we’re going to dine. I hope we’ll be able to find a place where I’ll be able to get a raw bisque prepared so that I can eat without sabotaging my fast. Speaking of bisque I made a raw spinach and zucchini blended soup for lunch yesterday and it was oh so good.

Note: Maxine is not a real person and her musings are made up stories.

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