Don’t know how long the color block trend will last. We’re so fickle with our tastes in fashion.It wasn’t so long ago I’m sure if someone wore some of the color block styles that are considered hot today they would have gotten a side eye glance and a crazy label.

I like this dress. I love the contrast of the red top part and dark fuchsia(?), skirt part. Surplice styles are usually flattering on me so that’s a plus. Not sure about the sarong skirt part for someone with fibroids that make their lower abdomen protrude.

No one could accuse a woman over 30 of not being age appropriately dressed if they saw her in this dress.

I don’t 100% love the bow at the side but I also don’t absolutely hate it.

The dress is rayon/spandex jersey knit and would have to be hand washed.

I’d probably wear this dress with black or red shoes.

Signature Collection: Colorblock Jersey Dress Purchase Details

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