Brief Overview of the Most Popular Types of Wigs

Several kinds of wigs are available on the market today, so it helps to understand your options. Explore a brief overview of the most popular types of wigs.

Helpful Beauty Tips To Shape Your Makeup Routine

Applying makeup feels tough when the steps or techniques aren’t clear. Follow these helpful beauty tips to shape your makeup routine and love your look!

5 Meditation Spaces That Will Inspire You To Create Your Own

Find your inner peace by using these meditation space ideas to create your own. Our serene ideas are the perfect way to help you disconnect from the world.

Work Your Body Series – mind over matter

Your body is not an object designed to be assessed on the basis of the size and shape of it. As you get set to start or re-embark on...

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Kentucky Derby Infield dress code 2023

Unless something comes up that changes the plans, I...

Everything Your Outdoor Wedding Needs This Summer

Make sure your outdoor wedding has everything it needs this summer so that you can focus on having a great time and making memories with your spouse.

Bad breath in relationships

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, can be a...

A Deeper Examination of Skin Bleaching and Its Societal Impact

The preference for light skin over dark skin, a...

Considering Iris Implant Surgery?

Your eyes are often called the windows to your...
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Can you wear all black to the Kentucky Derby

So, the Kentucky Derby trip is still on for Saturday. I'm still dreading it because it will take...

Wearing latex in hot weather do or don’t?

You're probably not wondering if you can wear your holographic latex jumpsuit in hot weather. But just in...

Faux leather red boots black mini skirt

Purchased a pair of red faux leather boots from Fashion Nova last month (Exotica thigh high boots) but...

The brown faux leather trench coat

Strutting By Faux Leather Trench Coat – Brown $69.99 The trench coat is a double breasted button front faux leather belted trench coat with collar and pockets. It is lined with 100% polyester fabric and the outer shell is made of 50% Polyurethane 50% Polyester. The only complaints that I have about this trench coat is that it’s impossible to get the wrinkles out. The same is true for the other faux leather trench coats I’ve recently purchased. I tried a few “how to get wrinkles out of leather” ideas I found around the web but they did not work.

The black leather edit

Leather is starting to take over as the material...

Thigh high boots with jeans

Just a look featuring thigh high boots with jeans. These...

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How To Build a Strong Retirement Account

Saving for your future is an essential step in achieving a comfortable lifestyle. So you should learn how to build a strong retirement account.

Ways To Improve Your Senior Dog’s Quality of Life

We all experience changes and discomfort as we age, and your dog is no exception. Discover a few ways to improve your senior dog’s quality of life.

Five Defining Moments That Stay With You for Life

There are events and experiences that define who you are and test your resilience. Consider these five defining moments that stay with you for life.

Rain on Your Parade: Bad Weather at an Outdoor Event

Outdoor events, such as weddings, graduation parties, anniversaries, birthdays, and barbeques, provide a unique charm and ambiance that indoor venues often cannot replicate. The natural beauty of outdoor settings...

Everything You Need To Know About Sustainable Luxury

Sustainable luxury lets you own high-end products and support the planet. For more information, here’s everything you need to know about sustainable luxury.

Simple Changes That Help You Gain More Confidence

Confidence is an important thing that benefits people in life, but many people fall behind and end up with little to no self-confidence. There are many different variables in...

Tips for Keeping Your Wardrobe Fresh and Clean

A solid wardrobe doesn’t just look good; it also feels good. If you’re having trouble keeping your clothing from smelling funny, you may need to take some extra steps. Dirt,...

Questions & Answers

Can you wear a blue coat with a purple dress?

2022 blue coat with purple dress photo update -...

Wearing all black to work on a Monday morning

Is there something wrong with wearing all black to...

Should you be wearing opaque white tights if you’re over 20?

And should you wear your opaque white tights with...

Is your frumpy style helping your hot nanny steal your husband?

You've probably read all the gossip about Jennifer Garner...

What to wear: Can you wear booty shorts to the Opera?

Q - I'm going to my first Opera; but...

What can I wear with my black maxi skirt?

Q – I have a black maxi skirt that's...

Can you wear a sheer blouse to work?

Q – I'm thinking about wearing my new Dolce...

Can you wear floral prints in the fall?

You probably don't think flowers when you think of...

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Fall Colors To Incorporate Into Your Wardrobe

Are you ready to pumpkin spice up your wardrobe? Make a smooth transition into fall style by incorporating these four colors into your looks.

The Backpack Bag Trend: When This Style Works Best

It used to be that backpacks were packed with...

Benefits of getting custom-made clothing

Clothing is an essential part of our daily lives....

Benefits of Creating a Sustainable Wardrobe

Creating a sustainable wardrobe isn’t always easy. However, when you consider these benefits, you may find it more than worth the additional effort.

What the Colors You Wear Say About Your Personality

Discover how the colors you wear can reveal aspects of your personality! From red to blue, find out what each color communicates about your character.

Yellow and green leather outfit inspiration

Wondering if you can wear yellow and green together...

Pink and blue inspiration for style & fashion

Trying to come up with ideas for blending pink...

5 Top Fall Fashion Outfits and Matching Accessories

We have accumulated a number of fashion outfits with matching accessories for every women that can be worn in fall.

Top 10 Tips for Getting the Best Micro Bikini Poses

Before hitting the beach or yacht club for your...

Top Fashion Items in a Pandemic-Ridden World

All aspects of life-as-we-know-it have changed in unexpected ways,...

How to Create an Instagram-Worthy Outfit

Full disclosure from Avenue Sixty: this is a third...

Metaverse fashion week 2022

It's Metaverse Fashion Week! So, the first ever digital fashion...

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Ways To Save Money on Your Regular Cup of Coffee

Taking a few sips of your favorite coffee is...

Anti-Aging Benefits of Salmon and Chickpeas salad

This article explores the science behind the anti-aging benefits of salmon and chickpeas. Both foods are packed with nutrients that can help to slow down the aging process, from improving skin health to reducing the risk of heart disease. By combining them into a delicious salad, you can enjoy all of their benefits in one tasty meal. Learn more about how a salmon and chickpeas salad on romaine lettuce leaves can help you stay young and healthy.

3 Reasons Why Manuka Honey Is So Special

Many of us enjoy using honey every day, as...

How To Accommodate Your Wedding Guests’ Dietary Needs

Whether you’re planning a large traditional wedding or a...

How to Eat Healthy When You Don’t Have Time to Cook

Healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners are the principles of...

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3 Most Relaxing Wellness Retreats in the United States

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Dumbbell Exercises for a Fantastic Upper Body Workout

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Running a Marathon When You Have Diabetes

If you have diabetes, it’s important to take care of yourself while still having fun. A marathon can be fulfilling, but how do you run when you have diabetes?

Ways To Improve Your Sleep When You Have Back Pains

A day can’t begin the right way without a...

7 Easy Steps to Healthy Teeth and White Smile

Teeth are an important aspect of both our health...

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5 Misconceptions About Caring for Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a great addition to any home...

Cleaning Tips for Keeping Your Home Happy and Healthy

A home has a lot of rooms and space, and over time, it can get dirty. Here are a few key cleaning tips for keeping your home happy and healthy.

Interior Design Tips: Elevating Your Home’s Ambiance

Transform your home into an abode that makes you feel safe, comfortable, and authentic. Explore top interior design tips for elevating your home's ambiance.

How To Ensure the Safety of Your Home’s Electrical System

Explore how to ensure the safety of your home’s electrical system, from educating yourself to upgrading systems to using appliances properly and more.

Tops Tips for Designing Your Backyard Pool

Designing a backyard pool for your home is a big undertaking. Find the best ways to approach this project with tips for designing your pool feature.

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Work Your Body Series – mind over matter

Your body is not an object designed to be assessed on the basis of the size and shape of it. As you get set...

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How you design your kitchen says a lot about your style and overall personality. Here's how to pick the perfect design style for your kitchen.

What is meant by having style?

Having style means having a distinctive and unique way of expressing oneself through the way one dresses, behaves, or creates. It involves a combination...

Treating under eye bags ideas

There are various ways to treat undereye bags, including: Lifestyle changes: Getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, reducing alcohol and caffeine intake, managing...

The Backpack Bag Trend: When This Style Works Best

It used to be that backpacks were packed with books and thrown over your shoulders before heading off to school – but not anymore....

Tips Every First-Time Camper Should Know

Camping is an excellent way to get in touch with nature and reconnect with friends and loved ones. So, here are first-time camper tips you should know.