Trip to Aspen – what to pack?

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So you and your friends saved up for months to be able to afford to take a trip to Aspen Colorado this winter. Every week for 40 weeks you saved $50 out of your pay check to cover your part of the cost to rent that “spectacular 6 bedroom, 6 bath, private home overlooking downtown Aspen” plus what you’ll need to cover all your other expenses. And even though yours will be a low-budget Aspen vacation you’ll soon be able to check off skiing in Aspen on that BID bucket list.

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Countdown to Aspen…

You still have a few weeks to go but you’re as excited as if the trip to Aspen is tomorrow. You’ve been posting about it on your blog, sharing pictures from your other travels and telling your readers that they should get a group of their friends together and save up for a trip where ever you all decide you want to go. Life is short and tomorrow is not guaranteed to anybody. So find ways to do the things you want to do today and don’t put them off until the day when you can afford them because that day might never come. In the meantime you are working on your Aspen trip packing list.

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What to pack for your winter trip to Aspen

Since I’ve never been to Aspen myself I don’t know what you would need to pack but if I were planning a trip to Aspen I would use Google to get me started on figuring out what I need to pack. Typing into Google brings me to a few resources that would appear to be reliable sources of information on the topic. The website calls itself “the specialist for creating discount Snowmass and Aspen ski vacation packages” and also “the official reservation center and most updated resource for Aspen and Snowmass Village, Colorado!” So it would seem safe to assume that they know what they are talking about with their “Stay Aspen Snowmass Ski Packing List“. Here are the things they suggest for your Aspen vacation packing list. Presumably this list is based on planning your trip through Snowmass and their knowledge of what you’ll be needing for the activities planned as part of your Snowmass package; but if you’re planning to do some skiing yourself it will probably still apply.

Ski & Snowboard Clothing
Jacket – 1 – 3 waterproof ski jackets
Pants – 1 – 3 waterproof ski pants
Snowsuits – 1 – 2 waterproof snowsuits
Additional insulation – down or fleece vest
Base Layer Tops – 1 -4 non-cotton base layer tops
Base Layer Bottoms – 1 – 4 non-cotton base layer bottoms
Gloves & Mittens – waterproof and insulated ski gloves or mittens
Sweaters – 1 – 4 fleece or wool sweaters
Warm winter hat
Socks – 3 – 4 wool ski socks
Neck Gaiter – non-cotton balaclava or ski mask

Tip: Remember to pack lots of warm layers, as the weather conditions on the mountains can change quickly and dramatically. The List

Duvetica Adhara Down Jacket With Fur-trimmed Hood

Duvetica Adhara Down Jacket With Fur-trimmed Hood

White is hot this season. This down jacket from Duvetica is stuffed with goose down to keep you warm on the slopes.

Of coruse you’ll be on the slopes with all that white snow. So if you prefer something brighter to prevent you from blending in with the snow…

Duvetica Adhara Down Jacket with Fur-Trimmed Hood

Dedicated as it is to all this affluent, Forbes would seem to be a resource you can trust to know what you’ll need to pack for your trip to Aspen. In an article titled “What should I pack for a trip to Aspen?” a Forbes writer suggests layers, comfy shoes, sun protection and sunglasses, as well as “designer duds”.

When you are packing for trip to Aspen, you have to load up on cold-weather essentials. Don’t worry: It’s not all function over fashion. The nice thing about Aspen is you can get as dolled up as you want, but it’s not mandatory. When it comes to fashion, anything goes. When it comes to function, the mountain climate demands you be prepared. (source)

Forbes recommends a jacket with a gore tex shell as well as a fleece jacket for layering because, according to them, “The weather in Colorado is about as easy to predict as the future”. For shoes, they say you need something sturdy and comfortable to navigate the ice and snow buried Aspen sidewalks.

Balenciaga Snow Suede Ankle Boots

Balenciaga Snow Suede Ankle Boots

You might prefer these for when there are only a few inches of snow on the ground.

For deeper snow you might want boots that cover your calves or at least cover you a few inches above the depth of the snow.

Sorel Tofino Leather And Rubber Boots

Sorel Tofino Leather And Rubber Boots

Another pair of practical yet stylish snow boots for when you have to trudge through feet of snow.

You’ll need to protect yourself from the sun

Because of Aspen’s high altitude and proximity to the sun, sunscreen is a must and so are sunglasses. If you ski without eye protection, you run the risk of suffering from cornea burn, which will certainly put a damper on your vacation ( – What should I pack for a trip to Aspen?)

Sunglasses are as necessary in fall and winter as in sprint and summer. But how do you choose the right sunglasses for your trip to Aspen? According to the website, the key qualities for eyewear for snow sports are UV protection and plastic or polycarbonate lenses. Even if you don’t plan to engage in any snow sport play your sunglasses should probably still be suited for such activity.

Key Qualities of Eyewear for Snow Sports

girl in blue framed sunglasses

UV protection is crucial for a day on the slope. UV rays that bounce off the snow are magnified and reflected towards your eyes from all directions.
Because you’ll be zooming through trees, kicking up ice and maybe even rocks, your sunglasses should have plastic or polycarbonate lenses.

– See more at:

Illesteva 'Lispenard' 57mm Polarized Sunglasses

These Illesteva sunglasses are polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses promise to provide improved visual comfort, contrast and clarity while reducing eye strain and allowing for “true perception of colors”. Polarized sunglasses are also said to be effective at reducing reflections and eliminating glare. They are suggested to be a good option for snow sports.

Worth Noting→

Although polarized lenses are generally recommended for snow skiers, some downhill skiers complain that they do not provide enough contrast to differentiate between patches of ice, snow and hills, presenting a danger to the skier. (source)

Nighttime Fun

Forbes recommends “designer duds” for nighttime fun. Aspen is of course a place that is known for being a place where the rich and famous flock in winter. So naturally Forbes will figure if you’re taking a trip to Aspen you’re at least rich even if not famous. You can afford “designer duds” to wear out for your nighttime fun. (US)

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