Oversized fleece tunic with drawstring hood short wide sleeves and side-seam pockets


It’s been a bit since I’ve done any imaginary shopping. Real life has gotten in the way although to be honest I do this in part to try to help make real life a little bit more manageable. It does get kind of tedious talking to yourself all day every day though. So I’ve picked this oversized fleece tunic for my first imaginary purchase of the day.

I like how roomy and comfortable it looks. I’m more for comfort than style when I’m lounging around at home. I like things that are roomy. I’d probably wear the tunic by itself” depending on how short it is in reality. Or maybe I’d wear some khaki shorts or frayed denim short.

I am totally sleepy right now and I’m supposed to be writing. I’ve given myself 4 months to finish my novel. Not the Salima novel. I’ve decided to put that on hold and rewrite another of my novels in the hope that I can finally fulfill my life’s dream; but I’m having some trouble getting started.

This is a novel I wrote years ago. I would be rewriting it completely. The main characters will be the same but their story will be a little bit different. Back when I first wrote it I tended to read somewhat unrealistic fiction and my own work was impacted by what I was reading. I’ve always looked back at my stuff and wished I had been reading more contemporary works but I was a bit of a silly snub back then thinking I wanted to be more Jane Austen and less Danielle Steele.

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