Has it ever happened to you to fall so deeply in love with a pair of shoes that your whole closet has to turn around them? Well, this is a first for me!

I’m not a huge fan of shoe shopping. Don’t get me wrong! I love shoes, but I’m wearing the smallest size possible and good luck finding a 34.5 – 35 East European size in Romanian stores! Add to the recipe that I’m picky about shoes – they have to fit me perfectly, be very comfortable, sexy, classy, elegant and simple.

A few days ago a miracle happened. I was browsing some online stores when I came across these black stilettos. I fell in love instantly. When I saw they had my size I thought I was in seventh Heaven so I ordered them right away! Of course, I shopped for shoes online before, but they never fit me so I kind of gave up on online stores. These stilettoes were worth the risk, though!

Got them this morning and guess what! They are perfect! They’re the right size, extremely comfortable, sexy, classy, elegant and yet, simple!IMG_6880

I wanted to wear them at work immediately so I went to my closet and… I sat there for about 30 minutes. My closet is full of colors, while my stilettos are black with a golden pointed toe. You really can’t go wild with them.

Eventually, I went with a pair of skinny jeans, a simple black H&M top and a nude Blind Date cardigan.

As for accessories, I wanted a more relaxed bag and I chose a golden watch to fit the shoes.



As soon as I came home from work, I just had to go through my closet and reorder everything so the outfits that go with my new shoes are right in front of me. Be sure you are going to see a lot more of these shoes!

If you are a fan of stylish shoes and you want to look for the right pair online I recommend Net-a-Porter – you can find so many different brands and styles on this website! The pointed toe is in trend this year, so go shopping as soon as possible!


Enjoy your colors!





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