#NYEParty styling with the Farfetch NYE Party Edit

The Farfetch NYE party edit new years eve party shopping list
Image via Farfetch.com - If you're still shopping for your #NYEparty outfit, checkout the NYE Party edit at farfetch.com

Still shopping for your NYE Party outfit?

We’ll soon be ringing in another New Year; and just like the last New Year and the one before that, and the one before that and etc., we didn’t receive any NYE party invites. Sure, we could throw our own #nyeparty but we wouldn’t have anybody to invite but ourselves. So it’s going to be the same as always.

Our typical New Years eve: We fall asleep well before midnight. Shortly after midnight Eastern Standard Time, some one of our family members might call from their party to tell us “Happy New Year” (if they remember), forgetting that they ring in the New Year a whole hour before we do. And we’ll be like, “thanks, same to you,” in our sleepy mumble. Then we’ll hang up and go back to sleep. Then we’ll wake up in the morning and it will be January 1st 2016, and the cycle will continue. But we’re not about to sit around feeling sorry for ourselves. There’s always hope that the next year will be our party year.

In the meantime we’ve put together an outfit that we think would be NYE Party appropriate for the sophisticated lady who prefers a less sexed up style of dress.

Note: If you’re lacking in the confidence department and you’re attending a party with your significant other where there’s likely to be a lot of hotter younger chicks in attendance, you might want to go for a more sexed up look if you hope to compete. Yeah, we agree, ladies need to band together and stop competing with each other; but that’s probably not going to happen before the next several centuries. So don’t attend a party dressed all boring and unsexy and then get upset with your boyfriend or husband for noticing the women with their tatas and bumbums hanging out.

Black Derek Lam 10 Crosby fringe detail tank top Dolce and Gabbana side slit pants Jimmy Choo Lilyth sandalsThe outfit pieces:

  • Derek Lam 10 Crosby fringed detail tank top ($570)
  • Dolce & Gabbana side slit trousers ($970)
  • Maison Margiela lacquer effect trench coat ($3,260)
  • Jimmy Choo Lilyth Sandals ($775)
  • Chloé Drew Shoulder Bag ($2,207)
  • Chanel Vintage logo button earrings ($1,280)

If you happen to have a life and you’re still looking for outfit ideas for the New Year’s Eve party or parties you have plans to attend, you should definitely check out the “Farfetch NYE Party Edit” for recommendations from stylists who know what’s hot and what’s not.

The Farfetch NYE party edit new years eve party shopping list
Image via Farfetch.com – If you’re still shopping for your #NYEparty outfit, checkout the NYE Party edit at farfetch.com

Fictional blog entry: I’ve just received the obligatory invite to my famous sister’s New Year’s Eve party. She’s trying so hard to be “with it” sending out her invites via social media and using hashtags. #NYEparty. Whatever. She’s lucky I still have a decent bone in my body and haven’t resorted to updating her wikipedia page with the truth. But despite everything, she’s my only living flesh and blood. Despite what she did to me, I won’t reveal her big secret. But I’ll tell you privately, she was born in 1968. Bitch is taking a whole 16 years off her age, claiming she was born in 1984. It is too funny. At least she actually looks the age she’s claiming to be, thanks to momma’s and daddy’s genes. Anyway, I have already replied that I won’t be able to make it. She was banking on that of course. I wonder what she’d do if I actually showed up to one of her parties one of these days and didn’t remember to lie about my age.

Me to one of her guests: Oh I’m her younger sister by 2 years.

Guest: So you’re what, 29?

Me: 29? Ha. I just turned 45. (thinking to myself: Oops. I forgot she’s telling these people she’s 31. If I’m 45 and she’s two years older than me, then how can she be 31?)

Guest: (looking flabbergasted and horrified) 45?

Me: (Fake laughing)  Come on, surely you didn’t think I was serious! Do I look 45 to you? Yes, of course I’m 29. I’m 2 years younger than my big sis.



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