Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Nicky Hilton’s $75,000 Valentino wedding dress

Nicky Hilton got married yesterday in a lovely $75,000 Valentino wedding dress.

It might sound extravagant, but remember that Nicky Hilton is not like you and me. Her $75,000 is our $750. Or maybe even our $75? Definitely our $75 when you factor in her new husband’s net worth. He’s a billionaire (according to what we’ve read).

Some of us are married ladies ourselves. And when you total the price tags of the things we wore to our wedding it doesn’t come to $750.

Some of us wore jeans and a t-shirt and got married at the justice of the peace. (Don’t get married in jeans and a t-shirt and don’t get married at the courthouse if you can help it)

A poor girl gets only so many opportunities to be the belle of the ball in her life…

Sure your odds of staying happily married forever aren’t so great. And you might one day come to burn your wedding dress and all your wedding photos. But you never know. So take advantage of the silly traditions that allow you to transform yourself into Grace Kelly for a moment.

As for Nicky Hilton’s $75,000 Valentino wedding dress…

Nicky Hilton's wedding veil gets caught in the wheel of a Bentley
Image is a screen capture from the article titled Don’t You Hate When Your $75,000 Wedding Dress Gets Stuck Under the Bentley” – Nicky Hilton’s veil gets caught in the wheel of a Bentley
  • It was designed by Valentino and apparently features “silver Guipure lace and thousands of hand sewn crystals”.
  • The reported price tag is $75,000

As you can see from the article screenshot above, Nicky had a minor incident with the veil getting caught under the wheel of a Bentley.

Check out the Instagram compilation vid below showing some shots from Nicky’s big day.

#NickyHilton looked perfect on her wedding day so happy for her and James😍👸🏼🎩#MrsRothschild

A video posted by Hilton World (@hiltonworld) on


Ever wonder why the bride carries flowers? It seems so odd in today’s day and age.

Nicky looked great though. And we wish her and her new husband years of wedded bliss. We wish that for you too, if you are about to get married, or if you have recently wed. If you’ve been wed a while we hope your marriage is a happy one.

If you’re not even thinking about marriage yet, well, we won’t try to be your mother but honey, when you do find yourself in that position to be making this monumental life changing decision, be 10000% sure it’s the right thing and the right person before you do it!

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