It almost feels like life has stopped. The Corona Virus has shut everything down. It’s all anybody’s talking about. And if you dare try to change the conversation to whatever had been your focus before the pandemonium struck, people look at you like you’re absurdly self-centered. How can you be talking about your skincare regimen, your new hair, the new shoes, bag, dress or whatever you recently purchased? What do you mean to be focusing on your regret that your planned vacation had to be canceled instead of joining everyone in focusing on this new corona virus centered reality? Hello!!! There’s a virus going around that’s projected to end hundreds of thousands of lives by the time it’s finished doing it’s damage. Are you part of this global community of earth citizens united in the shared experience of halting life until further notice due to the Corona virus, or are you the same old self-possessed, shallow person preoccupied with your vain concerns and clueless as to the urgency and severity of the what’s going on around you?

Can you be united with everyone in your desire to stop the COVID 19 coronavirus in its tracks while still being individually focused on whatever was the reality of your life before this happened?

Before the COVID 19 coronavirus pandemic began to plague the world, everybody was all about self care, self love, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Suddenly, everyone is expected to unify in practicing the new norm of social distancing while sharing in the social distancing experience on social media. Everywhere you turn, people are showing how they are living in quarantine. Everybody’s all, look what I’m doing while I’m locked away at home being a good citizen and obeying the rules not to go out until further notice. On the surface, it seems like it’s still about self care, self love, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But if you exclude the word “quarantine” from your postings or otherwise neglect to indicate that the COVID 19 coronavirus pandemic is the primary reality of life, and that everything you think and do and say for each day that you wake up in this newly altered reality, is being thought and done and said with COVID 19 on the mind, you risk being accused of failing to respect the urgency of what is going on in the world right now. You can’t go on with life as usual, focusing on yourself and the pursuit of your individual goals. Because this is a new world. It’s a world united in it’s focus on preventing the COVID 19 coronavirus from doing the immense and horrific damage that the experts have indicated is possible without our unified efforts to contain it.

But is it really necessary for people to avoid singing and dancing and laughing and living (unless they claim to be doing it in the name of keeping up the spirits of their fellow humans during the COVID 19 coronavirus pandemic )? Isn't it of greater importance right now that people do everything they can to try to live as normally as possible within this (hopefully) temporarily altered reality?

We are imposing social rules on people for how they should think and feel and act during this time. People who are just going on with life might face criticism depending upon what going on with life means for them. Some people were already working from home. Social distancing was already a lifestyle for others. The quarantine life will therefore not affect these people in the same way. An example might be individuals who make a living posting sexy photos on their social media pages. The current situation will not interfere with their ability to keep on doing this. However, they might face harsh criticism for posting sexy photos on their social media pages while the world is in crisis. Unless they do like Bella Hadid and write a long caption calling out people who are being selfish in not practicing social distancing and staying home for the sake of preventing the spread of the virus.

In the Bella Hadid case, the topless photo becomes a clever way of getting across an important message about safety and unity in these times. Grab their attention with the topless picture then smack them in the face with the poignant message. But a lesser known person posting such a photo because life goes on and when the dust settles bills still have to be paid–that person is more likely to face accusations of being tactless and inappropriate for going on with the business of posting topless photos on social media while people are dying all over the world from the COVID 19 coronavirus. It won’t matter that this is how that person makes a living.

We’re imposing expectations that people won’t go on with life as usual if living life as usual means doing something that can be construed to be inappropriate in light of everything that’s going on. We’re expecting everybody to be focused on the solidarity aspect of the situation–on unifying in the shared experience of being in lock-down. Bella, a multi-millionaire supermodel, suggests to people to stay home and learn to knit or tie dye socks, failing to appreciate that the reality of this situation for many is very different than for persons like herself. This disruption in life isn’t an opportunity for self growth for many people. They are too terrified about their uncertain future to be thinking about how they can use this time to become better people.

The COVID 19 coronavirus pandemic is placing some people at risk of becoming homeless, developing severe anxiety and depression, committing suicide. It is possibly even increasing risks of crimes including mass shootings

Outside of the question of going on with life as usual and your right to focus on things others might consider frivolous or not , another aspect of the current global crisis is the attitude of some towards others with regard to seeing it as an opportunity for improving human relations.

We all want the world to be healed and to become a better place, but it’s foolish if not downright ridiculous to think that a global pandemic presents an opportunity for that to happen for the people who will most severely feel the financial impact. As yet no companies have come out declaring that people can forget about paying their bill and keep their money to help secure their livelihood during these uncertain times.

In the United States there’s been talk about a Stimulus package, but nothing has yet been decided (as of this date). No one has yet received any money, and it seems like everything is being done to ensure that possibly the people who will need help most will be the ones who will not get any help at all. Already it’s been suggested that only citizens will qualify.

Some of the people who will be most severely impacted by this situation are the hardest working people with worker’s visas or permanent resident green cards. If indeed checks are only sent to citizens, these people will be up the proverbial s**t’s creek. They are already struggling to make ends meet. And even some citizens will not receive any stimulus money for one reason or another. You can be sure that the conversations being had by the people making the plans and decisions for the Stimulus package include objections being raised on the basis of personal prejudices and disgust and disdain for certain groups regarded undeserving of aide. If you were poor and struggling before the COVID 19 coronavirus pandemic struck, what difference is it going to make if you don’t have money? You didn’t have any money to begin with and you were still managing to survive somehow. So you can continue to do what you were doing all along, because you’re not really being affected by the coronavirus. Why should you be a beneficiary of the Coronavirus Stimulus package?

So there are people facing very real and frightening possibilities from COVID 19 other than just the fear of catching it or someone they love and care about catching it and dying from it. The situation isn’t having the impact of bringing into focus the positive light–the realization that they now have time to knit and tie-dye socks and stroke their kitty cat’s belly or cuddle with their dog, connect with their children, connect socially with the rest of the locked-down world and use this as an opportunity for personal growth through meditation.

A lot of people don't have the kind of jobs where employers will take care of them and still pay them even if they can't come out to work because of COVID 19 and the measures that are being taken to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

What some of the wealthy and famous people trying to uplift spirits with topless photos that doubly endeavor to educate with public service message captions, and those seeking to spread messages about unity by singing soulful songs don’t seem to appreciate, is that there are people who have to worry about basic things like affording food and avoiding becoming homeless on account of the financial toll that COVID 19 will take. These people have to live in fear and filled with worry for every day that this situation endures. They want the world to heal and be a better place, but right now, they can’t join the mission to treat this situation like an opportunity for positive change. They simply aren’t interested in joining hands with everybody and singing Kumbaya. Because when the storm passes, none of these people will offer them shelter, or offer money to help them pay their bills and avoid eviction.

The COVID 19 coronavirus pandemic is affecting us all, but no we are not all in this thing together. We’re all on our own inside our homes, responsible for our own selves and our family.

The thought that maybe people will become better and kinder and friendlier for a little while as they share #quarantinelife photos on social media and talk about how the situation is bringing us all closer might seem a good message to spread at a time like this, but let’s be real for a moment. This disruption isn’t a paid eight-week holiday. There are people for whom it is going to be absolutely devastating in its impact. Because the costs of living will not be halted until further notice.

Yes, some utility companies have promised not to shut off utilities over non-payment during the COVID 19 crisis, but they haven’t said water and electricity and gas will be free until the coronavirus is no more. So when this is all over, a lot of people will owe hundreds if not thousands of dollars in utility bills that they have no money to pay. And you can bet your life that the utility companies won’t be so generous once they have the all-clear to resume business as usual. They’ll send you a bill for the amount amassed during the crisis and if you can’t pay, your utilities will get turned off anyway. If you can’t pay your rent, your landlord will evict you, and none of your virtual brothers and sisters who were there to pep you up with hashtags during the lock-down will be offering to donate a few dollar to help you. But they might point you to a motivational quote and another hashtag. Because they are good and kind people, made even better and kinder by having joined the ‘better world” movement during the pandemic.

The COVID 19 coronavirus pandemic is not going to heal the world and make it a better place by uniting people across the globe as they live in social isolation and quarantine with only social media as their way of connecting with each other.

This is all just my opinion of course. But it seems to me that this crisis has a better chance of increasing cases of mental illness across the world, increasing rates of suicide, increasing crime rates in places where financial desperation will be more greatly felt, increasing corruption in politics and increasing the divide between those who have the means to survive the pandemic without loss of their financial security and those who do not.

It is already apparent the difference between people who can afford to look on the bright side of things and see this as an opportunity to knit, tie-dye socks, meditate, play with pets and remain house-bound indefinitely, and those who are already experiencing the financial impact of the abrupt shut-down of the things upon which their livelihood depends. Everyone wants what’s best for the world. We all want to be good people and for everyone around us to be good people. And yes, it’s better for everybody if we all strive to help each other get through this situation. There’s certainly no argument to be made against the benefit of trying to see the good in a bad situation. But there seems to be a lack of recognition on the part of some that an indefinite lock-down of this magnitude, with no real idea of how to survive it financially, and no hope of receiving government or other help in avoiding financial devastation, is going to tear more than a few families lives apart and quite possible lead to a bigger crisis after the COVID 19 coronavirus pandemic subsides.


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