Woulda coulda shoulda set up a reminder to myself for every 5th of the month so I would always remember to go to justfab.com and “skip this month” but I didn’t and so now I have these new JustFab flat sandals…

Happy June 23rd everybody!

So yesterday I received a package in the mail that I didn’t even remember I was expecting. It was from JustFab. It was a pair of sandals.

I ordered these JustFab flat sandals maybe last week or the week before. I selected them after spending a bit of time on the JustFab website trying to find something to buy with the $39.99 which they charged to my credit card on June 6th.

You see, I was supposed to log into my JustFab account on June 5th to tell them I wanted to skip the month of June so they wouldn’t charge my credit card the monthly $39.99 member credit fee.

But I forgot…

By the time I remembered it was June 6th. Too late to skip the month.

I’ve been skipping since I joined JustFab last year. I figured I’d just keep skipping until my financial situation improves. It figures I’d forget and get a charge to my credit card in a month when I really can’t afford it. Unfortunately JustFab could not cancel the charge. I called them hoping since it was only a day later that I would be able to cancel my account and get the money put back on my card. But no, they could not accommodate. They could cancel; but they couldn’t give me my money back. I was going to have to either go ahead and cancel and lose my $40 or buy something with the $40 and then cancel. Naturally the first option was not open for consideration.

So I went browsing through the clothing, bags and shoes that JustFab offers. And I eventually decided to go ahead and get a new pair of sandals since I do need a new pair.

JustFab tan crossover straps Belen flat sandals

JustFab flat sandals tan Belen open toe crossover straps with back zipper

I bought these in a size 8.5. They are a bit on the big side. A little too much empty space in the front toe area. I think an 8 would have been a better fit.

The color is a nice tan brown. The style is cute enough.

I’m not in love with the material. I know you can’t be picky when all you spend is $40; but my current sandals cost me $10 and they’ve lasted several years. They were nice and soft and comfortable from the day of purchase. You could bend them without concern that they might break. I can’t really say that about these sandals. If I try to bend it too far backwards it will definitely break. I haven’t tried wearing these out yet so I don’t know if they will be comfortable to walk in. When I put them on and walked around the living room they felt fine even while being a little harder and stiffer than I think they should be. All too often that translates into pain when you take them out on the streets; but these might surprise me. I’ll find out soon enough.

I’ll be totally honest, I think $39.99 is a bit high a price for these sandals.

These are nice enough sandals as far as the style goes. They’re cute and fashionable. But they don’t feel to me like they are a higher quality than shoes you might get at Walmart for $14.99.

My rating is actually 3.625 but since I can’t select that value I’ve rounded up to 4.0  to be generous.

I looked through the reviews of this shoe on the JustFab website and they have mostly received 5-star ratings from customers. But more than a handful agree that they are a little on the big side. Most seem to find them quite comfortable. But I haven’t worn mine out yet so I can’t agree or disagree. I’ll update on that after I’ve walked about in them on the streets.



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