Calvin Klein Womens 3-4 Single Breasted CoatHow would you wear this Calvin Klein mustard yellow coat? If you live where the weather is cold this time of year and will be getting colder for the next few months you’re probably beginning to shop for coats and jackets for the season. Apparently it’s all about bright colors when choosing coats for this season. Paprika pink cobalt violet mustard orange are some of the hot shades of the season.

This Calvin Klein Women’s 3/4 Single Breasted Coat is currently being sold via Amazon for $250. It’s a dry clean only coat made of 61% Wool and39% Polyester. Features of the coat include flap pocket detail a shirt collar style and.

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Create a casual rainy day in New York outfit around this Calvin Klein Women’s 3/4 single breasted coat

Here is what I came up with for my self imposed assignment.

rainy day in New York

A metallic knit crew neck sweater (Farah chunky sweater), made of Italian yarn that’s been knitted over twice. I’m assuming that’s a special quality for the sweater to possess” being twice knitted over with Italian yarn. This sweater ($495) is worn with a pair of high rise boot cut black jeans from Paige Premium denim (Paige Premium Denim Hidden Hills High Rise Bootcut),. I’ve read that these are “super flattering” and “incredibly comfortable”. The jeans are $295.

Also included in the set are a pair of multicoloured smoked check printed rain boots from Burberry. They come with a $225 price tag. (Burberry Shoes Parkfield Smoked Check Rain Boots),. The bag is Marc by Marc Jacobs Werdie Top Handle Messenger Messenger bag with an adjustable and removable strap. It costs $498 (Marc by Marc Jacobs Werdie Top Handle Messenger),. You can get the black version of this bag for about $100 less on Amazon (link),.

The booties are Burberry Prorsum’s hazelnut suede lace-up platform ankle boots. They cost $1,058. The umbrella is from Burberry and costs $195 (Burberry Trafalgar Packable Check Umbrella),. It’s a cute umbrella. Hopefully you get something more for the price tag than just some nice use of colors and check patterns. Like maybe the ability to stay put in gale force winds? Okay maybe not gale force. An umbrella with that ability would probably come with a price tag in the tens of thousands. Can you imagine someone selling an umbrella for $30000. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover there are indeed umbrellas that retail for that kind of money.

One moment while I google this…

Yup. Not sure how accurate this is but googling “World’s most expensive umbrella” took me to a page titled “World’s Most Expensive Umbrella is $50″,000” on the website The world’s most expensive umbrella is apparently made of 100% crocodile skin. Check it out. I should probably write to the makers of this umbrella (Billionaire Couture’s London boutique), and ask if it will hold up in gale force winds. For that price I hope it does more than reflect obscene wealth.

Speaking of Billionaire Couture’s London boutique I came across a link to their website and spent a few minutes watching the intro video. For a moment I was tempted to start thinking about the naughty things I wanted to do with their young male models but then it occurred to me that I have absolutely no idea what these dudes are like. They’re ridiculously good looking but that doesn’t mean anything. They are in photo ready make-up with photo ready hair and are impeccably styled and posing. Once you take off the clothes turn off the cameras rustle the hair and remove the make-up all you have is just another man who might be a nice guy or he might be a villain or boring or narcissistic or otherwise not someone you would want to know. You just never know.

That’s the thing about clothes. People can use clothes to convey a message about them that simply isn’t an accurate reflection of who they are in reality.


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