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Mixed Fashion

This scarf would go great with a nice pastel pink or pastel yellow summer dress” or something light and floral that has the colors from the scarf in it. It looks like it feels nice and soft but I can’t say as I don’t actually have the scarf. The material is 70% cotton and 30% silk. I could see wearing it with this dress:

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Modcloth Watermelon Dew Dress

Or maybe this dress:

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Modcloth Coral-ly Invited Dress

I love and want the Yves Saint Laurent Tribute high heel patent sandals I used in the set for the Coral-ly Invited Dress but it’s probably some kind of fashion don’t to wear $840 shoes with a 58 dollar dress. I also love and want the MARC JACOBS Noho Quilting Coral Bag. The price tag on that is $595. The bracelet is a $495 CHLOE Papaya Holly Enamel Bangle.

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