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Stars can get away with wearing just about anything, and in the next publication it will be called a new upcoming “hot trend”. This is basically true for most cases, except for the ones who are actually wearing a halloween costumes, but then it’s quiet obvious that they are. With that being said,  this week I am here to tackle the new trend of mixing patterns and prints. You might have seen some of this done in many popular fashion magazines and blogs.

This technique is pretty easy to do if you are willing to look outside of the box and take a style risk. Not to mention it has the added bonus of extending the versatility and spunkiness to the wardrobe you already have. The top I decided to wear has a “flowery pattern” and it’s from the Women’s Ted Baker London Collection. The coolest thing about this top is that it has more than one pattern to it, on both sides there is a mesh holding with its own little “pattern frenzy” going on. I know, pretty cool!

The basic rule of fashion is having an elegant balance to your piece, and this technique will only fit perfectly to this “mixing & matching technique” if you understand the balance between color, scales, pattern and themes. When you are mixing & matching your own patterns, look for connections: shape, a silhouette, or a color. The common denominator for my style is the silhouette. The skirt has a floral vibe to it (similar to the shirt), but it also adds a different spunk of color. The skirt is from the AEO SOFT SKORT Collection.

The key rule is to make sure you don’t put too many prints to the entire outfit. Another key rule is to start bold, the steps to building your ensemble is finding a star piece, whether it be a loud floral skirt or a printed blazer, use this piece as your jumping off point. Finally, you will be the Pattern Princess of the Wild! It is bold, and it takes a brave heart to pull off this look, but you can do it!

What are some of your bold mixing & matching ideas?

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