Miranda Kerr wore this Topshop daisy print cut-out dress the other day. She looked ridiculously cute as usual buried behind big dark sunglasses strutting in a pair of Isabel Marant The Caleen studded leather concealed wedge boot and toting a black leather Givenchy Antigona Shiny Lord Bag.

I’ve seen reports that the price of Miranda Kerr’s Topshop Daisy print cut-out tea dress is $46. Totally affordable right? Well still not for me but my poverty is a special case. $46 is definitely affordable for most women making some kind of income; I’m not sure if those sites claiming the dress is $46 are making a mistake or if the dress might have been on sale at the time they were claiming the price of the dress was $46. I’ve found the dress on the topshop website listed at $92.00; but unfortunately it is presently sold out (link to dress at topshop.com),.

It’s a cute dress. Paris Hilton wore the same dress some days after Miranda was photographed in it so I’m guessing she was inspired by Miranda Kerr’s look. She also wore similar sunglasses; but she went for a different look in shoes. Whereas Miranda Kerr wore her TopShop Daisy print cut-out dress with a pair of black leather Isabel Marant The Caleen studded leather concealed wedge boots” Paris wore hers with a pair of Christian Louboutin Astrogirl 120 mm black hot pink red gold white mesh detail pumps.

Who do you think wore the dress better of the two?

Miranda Kerr vs Paris Hilton Topshop black daisy print cut-out dress

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Miranda Kerr vs Paris Hilton Toshop daisy print dress

Miranda Kerr and Paris Hilton were seen wearing the same black TopShop Daisy print dress.
 Paris Hilton  Miranda Kerr

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Who wore the dress better of the two ladies?


Personally I prefer Miranda’s overall look to Paris’s. I don’t like the Christian Louboutin Astrogirl 120 mm black hot pink red gold white mesh detail pumps with the dress. I also prefer Miranda Kerr’s bag to Paris Hilton’s. I don’t necessarily like the sunglasses on either of the ladies. I do prefer the fit of the dress on Paris.

Would I wear this dress myself? Probably if it was knee length and didn’t have the cut-out details. I wouldn’t wear it on a windy day though. Hopefully neither lady was silly enough to go out wearing a flighty dress while wearing no underwear. Doesn’t look like it would take much of a breeze to blow up the skirt of the dress; and the public could use a break from seeing these famous ladies’ bare butts  and private parts. If you’re going to wear a short dress put on panties ladies. The things these women can get away with….



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