It is 9:27AM EST. Have been awake for hours. I’m wearing a blue dress that I bought from JC Penny last year I think. It’s nice and comfy except for the safety pin that keeps scratching me. One of the straps broke so I had to fasten it with a safety pin; but none of that has anything to do with these earrings.
Marigold and black round stone earrings framed-gold

I went browsing for some nice jewelry and came across these earrings. I don’t really wear earrings per se; but I’d still collect them if I had the funds to spend and these I would definitely add to my collection.

These earrings are $18. They are made of lead-free metal and plastic and each measures 3.25 inches in length and 1.5 inches in width (approximate),. I saw a picture on the website with a model wearing them and they are as big as they look.

I wonder if they would go with a blue dress. Maybe I’ll head over to polyvore and put something together around these earrings and a blue dress just to experiment.

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