So you’re wondering what to wear for a walk in the park in #London on a summer day?

Okay, so maybe you’re not wondering that exactly. After all, you’ll not be taking a trip to London any time soon. But even so, it’s good to know what other people wear for a walk in the park in London on a summer day. In case you should travel to London next summer or the summer after that, and decide to take a walk in the park.

Of course what Maria Sharapova wears for a walk in the park in London on a summer day might not be what everybody wears.

And then there’s also the weather to consider…

You might have to deal with unseasonal heat or unseasonal cold when you finally make it to London. In which case you’d have to plan your outfit around the temperature.

Maria is of course (or was) in London for the 2015 Wimbledon Championships.

Being the huge tennis fans that we are our morning was spent watching the women’s Wimbledon semis today. We watched both the Muguruza/Radwanska match and the Williams/Sharapova match. Radwanksa and Sharapova lost. Needless to say we can’t wait for the Williams/Muguruza final.

Maybe Sharapova is still in London or maybe she jetted out shortly after her loss. We don’t know.

So how does Maria Sharapova dress for a walk in the parks in #London on a summer day?

Like this…

Maria Sharapova Instagram pic posing on rock in Richmond Park in London during Wimbledon
Image via @mariasharapova on Instagram – Captioned “The parks in #London on a summer day. #HelloSunshine”

Maria looks nice and laid back and relaxed. We love the look. It shows you can be stylish and chic without compromising comfort. Of course we don’t really know that Maria was comfortable. But she looks comfortable. We like that she’s not out there screaming for attention with her outfit. Her shorts aren’t too short. Her top isn’t too clingy. She’s out there to enjoy a pleasant afternoon in the park–to appreciate the world around her rather than to try to demand that the world stop spinning and everybody stand still and appreciate her.

Last week we read an article about Maria Sharapova in which the author referred to her as having “a touch of the Siberian ice queen”.

Sharapova has a reputation for being a bit “icy”. But when you really think about it, people judge her based on how she appears on the court. And that’s not necessarily good or fair. Out on the court she’s focused on the business at hand–trying to win tennis matches.

If you look at the pictures of her on Instagram she seems perfectly laid back and friendly. True, you can’t really know her from her Instagram pictures either, but looking through her Instagram she seems (from her pictures) like a warm and approachable enough girl. It’s probably just a case where she’s reserved when it comes to the rest of us. After all why should she care to pursue our love and admiration. She’s Maria Sharapova. She’s been ranked #1 in the world on the WTA tour, even if she might not be #1 right now. She’s got 5 grand slam titles to date. She’s a multi millionaire. She doesn’t need our love or our admiration.

And maybe that’s why people think she’s icy. Because she doesn’t try to make people like her. She seems not to care if they do or don’t. And shouldn’t we all be that way? Wouldn’t that be better for us than to live in fear of what people think about us and to be depressed and cry over the fact that people don’t like us?



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