Marchesa red ruffles and tulle dress love

Marchesa red ruffles black tulle dress
Marchesa red ruffles black tulle dress - image via

I love this Marchesa red ruffles and tulle dress, but I can’t afford it needless to say. And truth be told, I can’t wear strapless dresses. Well, actually, I’ve discovered I actually can wear strapless dresses. I just have to find the right tape and get the girls pushed high and taped in place. I saw this dress on modaoperandi selling for $3,995. It’s not yet available. You’ll have to pre-order and put down a $1,997.50 deposit. The expected ship date is Jan 30, 2018 – Apr 15, 2018. I doubt by January I’ll have changed my lot in life and be able to afford this dress. How long have I been writing on this blog again? Yeah, that should give you a good idea of my future. I’m still working on my album but you won’t be hearing my songs on the radio so you can be sure I won’t be making money from my album to be able to afford a $4000 dress. And no, that’s not me being negative. I love my songs. I think they’re great. I just realize that I’ll be lucky if 5 other people in the world will agree with me.

The dress is from the Marchesa Spring 2018 collection. There is another similar red ruffles dress that’s also gorgeous.

But about this Marchesa dress. I love the red ruffles and black tulle. I think I would look fabulous in it. It would be awesome to be able to do a photoshoot in this dress. Dreams dreams…

Image via

This one comes with at $6995 price tag. If you’ve got that kind of money and you want this dress you can head on over to modaoperandi to preorder it.

Must be nice to have the kind of life where you don’t have to put the things you want on a wishlist. Don’t get me wrong, there’s more to life than a dress. And I know there’s no reason for these things to cost this much money. It’s utterly ridiculous. And it’s crazy that people willingly pay thousands of dollars just to own a dress with a particular name in the label. But all that said, these are two gorgeous dress that I would love to at least be able to try on.


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