Confidence is powerful. If you have a lot of it you can usually be sure great things will happen for you in life. If you don’t have a lot of it but you can effectively pretend to have a lot of it you still have a better chance of being able to achieve your goals and objectives in life than if you lack confidence and on top of that don’t have the ability to fake it.

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The advantage of looking confident

Whether or not you really did feel confident, looking confident in your photos will do more to attract interest than looking shy, uncomfortable or otherwise forced and unnatural. When you radiate confidence you attract positive attention. It makes no difference if you’re the most beautiful person to have ever walked the earth or if you’re not particularly attractive according to society’s measurement of attractiveness. People with high self confidence typically win over admirers without trying. People just naturally gravitate to them. And as an aspiring top fashion blogger that is what you want to have happen. You want people to be drawn to you and to be energized by you to the extent that they want to be around you even if the only way they can do that is by following you on social media and visiting your blog.

Portrait of the beautiful young woman with wall graffiti background Street photoshoot 3

So strike a pose

You don’t have to go all Vogue and aim for high fashion magazine cover shots. Although if you can pull that off effectively then by all means go for it. But do try to put a little personality into your photos. Not every model you see actually has the personality that her pictures imply. A lot of modeling involves acting. Just standing there and waiting for the photographer to snap the photo isn’t going to get you the best possible picture. You have to release your inhibitions and get some movement and some attitude going so that your shots look more interesting and you look more confident.

Sometimes it takes 100 shots to get 1 good photo

When you’re not a natural in front of the camera getting a good picture can be a little more difficult. The difficulty can be compounded if you’re also not a natural beauty. There’s nothing wrong with not being a natural beauty. Lots of models and actresses depend on great make-up, lighting, posing to look their best. So don’t concern yourself too much with the fact that you have to try a little harder to get photos that make you look your confident best. If it takes 100 shots to get just 1 shot of you looking really great, then that’s what it takes. For some people these things come easily. The rest of us have to work for it. But practice, as they say, makes perfect. So if you don’t have high self confidence, work at looking like you do. Practice posing. Take a lot of test shots to figure out the poses that give you that naturally confident look. Work harder to get better and more interesting images. Your pictures are going to be the key to your success. Therefore, looking like you don’t even want to be in the photo or otherwise looking awkward and uncomfortable and dull will not help you rise to the top.

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