The Making of a top Fashion blogger tip #4 Have fun


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Blogging of any kind can be difficult. Especially when you’re not seeing the results that you’re after. The fact of the matter is most bloggers don’t make it into that top tier in whatever their industry. Whether you’re running a sports blog, a blog focused on political commentary, a lifestyle blog, a fashion blog–there isn’t a very high likelihood that your blog is going to make you rich and famous.

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So why bother to start a fashion blog?

Okay, so the odds are stacked against you becoming a top fashion blogger; but does that mean you can’t make it? It absolutely does not. Anything is possible and you can become a top fashion blogger even if the odds are stacked against you. But here’s the thing, even if you don’t become a top fashion blogger running a fashion blog can still be a rewarding experience for you if you focus on just having fun with it.

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Blogging is just another form of self expression. Because some people have been able to acquire wealth and fame from blogging it has become another avenue via which people try to make it in this world. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But in all the frenzy of trying to get traffic and followers and likes and hypes and sponsors and all those things that you need in order to “make it”, there’s a tendency to forget what really matters. And when your efforts to get that traffic and those followers and likes and hypes and sponsors prove ineffective you get defeated. When you wake up every day and check your facebook and your twitter and your instagram and lookbook and chictopia and bloglovin and your Google Analytics website traffic stats and you see that it’s all the same as the day before, you get depressed and lose your interest in your blog.

So stop for a minute and reconsider your purpose

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to become a top fashion blogger. By all means set that as your ultimate goal if you want; but for now, pay attention to tip #4. Make it your primary goal to have fun. When you’re having fun doing what you do it’s not going to matter how many new followers you’ve acquired on twitter and instagram. You’re not going to be checking hypes on lookbook. You might not even post your pictures on lookbook and chictopia and such sites. You won’t be checking to see how many new likes you’ve gained on Facebook. You’ll be too busy doing your thing and having fun doing it. And because you’ve lightened up and let go of all that bad energy that comes from getting frustrated because nobody seems to like your website and nobody’s following you on twitter and instagram or liking your page on facebook or hyping and fanning you on lookbook or following you on bloglovin, things will get easier. Your mind will be freer. Your creative juices will flow. You’ll stop spinning around in circles trying to figure out just what you have to do to get people to like you. You’ll blog for you and from there the rest will happen if it’s going to.

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Avenue Sixty Writing Staff
Avenue Sixty Writing Staff
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