I personally would not wear a belt with this dress. I’d buy it expressly for it’s promise of a long loose fitting dress.


It is still ridiculously noisy outside my window and it’s now 4:19PM. Have to start filling my mind with thoughts about getting up and going to make dinner then working out for an hour. Not sure if I’ll just dance for an hour or put in an hour with Dave Sinclair via the fitness channel. I probably need to do Dave Sinclair.

As for the dress. I like it. I want it. It would be a great dress to have in my closet. It would be even nicer if it came in some other colors. I would love to have it in a tan color green light blue and coral.

The dress looks nice with the belt but for me belting the waste (yikes), [I meant waist of course] is not doable.

I also like the hat shown in the set. It’s real cute.

I don’t particularly love the sandals shown in the set. I’d probably get a pair that match the color of the belt.

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