Here’s a gorgeous top I’d love to own; but alas no moolah. I love the style and color of this top. I’d prefer if the sleeves weren’t cut-out though. Alice & Trixie Women’s Marguerite Top

So here it is another Sunday in my life. I am not feeling all that great this morning. Stressed about money as usual.

“You Can Be Happy No Matter What…” is on my desk again. I had put it away but here it is back on my desk as if it’s trying to implore me to open it and actually read it.

I’m not sure though that I think you can be happy no matter what. I have had it with being poor but inside this place in my head and inside this place in my chest I feel like there’s no hope to change my circumstances. I feel kind of doomed to be doing this for the rest of my life trying to earn a living from one virtual source or another but walking away with pennies at the end of the day.

Anyway feeling sorry for myself is pointless. The Alice & Trixie top also comes in the color poppy. The above featured is the Navajo feather coral. Here is a picture of the poppy:

Alice Trixie Womens Marguerite Top in Poppy

I would also get the poppy if I had the money to afford to buy one much less both.

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