Summer jam

Items in set: Matthew Williamson silk tunic / J.Crew high waisted bikini / J.Crew bandeau bikini / Thong sandals / Beach tote / Oliver Peoples / Jade Mountain St. Lucia Where All Rooms Have Infinity Pools / Mimosa Brunch Invitations

Who doesn’t love the beach? Okay so I’m sure there are people who don’t love the beach; but I love the beach.

I was just at the beach last week and I might go again some time in June maybe; but after that unless my financial situation changes I won’t be going to be beach for a while. Right now it’s cheap to go because the gulf is just a 2 hour drive away.

Come August I’ll no longer be just a 2 hour drive away from the Gulf and going to the beach will mean taking a vacation that involves several hours of travel beach house or hotel suite rental and all that jazz.

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