Linen shirt dress in moss color Pure Collection
Available for purchase is this Linen shirt dress from Pure Collection. It is a short-sleeved linen shirt dress in the color “Moss”. It is made from 100% linen fabric. The shirt comes with a matching linen belt but as shown in the photo it can be worn with whatever belt you prefer to wear. Probably some nice wedge sandals would go nicely with it or some flat sandals mules or other strappy sandals with espadrille heels.

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Shell buttons

Linen shirt dress

I’m a linen shirt dress. I am made of fabric that is 100% linen. I belong to a beautiful lady named Angie. I am one of her favorite shirt dresses. The other day Angie wore me to to a barbecue at her friend Ginger’s house. She had almost worn her other linen shirt dress that looks just like me except it is in the color natural; but she figured she should probably wear something darker for a barbecue so she wore me instead. Some people might think a linen shirt dress isn’t exactly the best choice of outfit for a barbecue but this is Angie’s style.

Anyway the day of the barbecue Angie wasn’t in the greatest spirits but she was doing her best to hide it and trying to appear as cheerful as she possibly could. At one point when she was standing alone looking out the kitchen door into the yard where the barbecue was in full swing Ginger’s cousin Sylvia appeared and started up a conversation about her dress.

“That’s a nice linen shirt dress Angie”,” said Sylvia. Where did you buy it?

Angie smiled and said” “

Sylvia nodded.

“It looks great on you”,” she said.

“Thanks”,” Angie said.

Sylvia then opened the kitchen door and went out. Angie figured she’d better go back outside herself or Ginger would start to worry and she didn’t want to worry Ginger.

With a deep sigh she pulled herself together” opened the kitchen door and walked out into the yard smiling.

Product Description from Seller

Beautiful in its simplicity this understated linen shirt dress is a piece you’ll keep returning to throughout the summer months. Short turn-back sleeves with tab and button detail smoke colour shell buttons and angled welt pockets all work seamlessly well alongside a single pleat on the front and back yoke. Use the matching belt or substitute with one of your own.(Link to Seller),

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