Gorgeous Alexander McQueen Embroidered Leather Jacket

With a $5,825 price tag, this embroidered leather jacket from Alexander McQueen is described by the seller as “a high-style mix of slick leather and delicate cross stitch embroidery”. The leather and embroidery are said to collide in a “nipped waist” biker jacket and to channel haute handicraft with a rock’n’roll edge.

Alexander McQueen Leather Jacket Cross Stitch Embroidery

Closet Tales – Lacy — The Alexander McQueen Embroidered Leather Jacket

When you think of embroidery as well as when you think of beauty, you never really think of embroidered leather. This is a phenomenon that is the meeting of east and west, the meeting of tradition and the untraditional that makes this embroidered leather look so entirely perfect. When you have been thinking of seeing these two things together in the past, you never thought that they would make the perfect symmetry for a coat did you? I was born in the designer drawing room in London; the designer had a penchant for the dramatic and had made many trips to Tokyo to shop always coming back with full hands and an empty wallet. These were just a few of the reasons, that I knew that I was going to be fabulous as I was being designed. The first time however that I saw myself in a mirror; I knew that the look was pure gold.

I was finally ready, after all of the embroidery had been completed and all of the stitching had been completed I was in a box and on my way to New York. When I got to New York, I found myself in a warehouse waiting to be bought by the right person and hoping for an owner who had a sense of fashion and would be able to appreciate my beauty as well as my unique flare. That is where I got lucky, Janice, an editor from a local style magazine bought me. Unlike many other owners who would not appreciate me, she knew the attention to detail and the dedication that had been required to ensure that the stitching was flawless and that everything was maintained perfectly.

Janice picked me up and wore me to the office one day and she was immediately turning heads. People admired the blend of new and old as well as the blend of east and west that she was rocking. She even noticed that it gave her the feeling of being a bit of a rebel as she was able to enjoy the way that the jacket fit and the way that it felt with all of the best details and the attention to quality. Janice started wearing me on a regular basis and got her some dates that I know she would not have gotten otherwise, something about me on Janice gave her a sense of cool and a sense of empowerment and it assured her that she was fabulous all the time. There is something about a woman in a leather jacket that simply drives men wild, the more that Janice wore me, the more that she knew that she was going to be in demand. We started going out almost every night, in that time as well we enjoyed quite a romantic rendezvous or two with a handsome fellow who wanted to know more about us. Janice thought it was all her, but she did not consider the cool factor that I had given her.


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