Kris Jenner raises the question – should a 58 year old woman wear tight leather pants?


Kris Jenner the 58 year old mother of Kourtney Kim and Khloe Kardashian and Kylie and Kendall Jenner was seen out and about in Los Angeles wearing tight black leather pants. Naturally some Internet publications felt the need to comment on Kris’s choice of attire.

The Daily Mail headlined an article “There’s Something About Kris! Jenner” 58 suffers an identity crisis in youthful leather pants with flyaway hair to rival Cameron Diaz’s famous film ‘do”” and went on to write “Clearly going through somewhat of an identity crisis since revealing her separation from husband of 22 years Bruce Jenner in October” the mom-of-six was dressed decidedly younger than her 58 years.(see article),” So I am posing the question to all my imaginary readers: should a 58 year old woman wear tight leather pants?

I personally think that a 58 year old woman should wear whatever she wants to wear. It’s not for us to dictate to women what they should and should not wear based on their age. If we’re not comfortable seeing a 58 year old woman in tight leather pants that’s our problem.

If Kris Jenner likes to dress more youthfully then she should dress more youthfully. It’s depressing enough to deal with the realities of getting older; and of course it’s only depressing because of the attitudes people have about aging. More power to people who reject the message that because they are older they must now stop caring how they look and just embrace old age down to the way they dress.

Kris Jenner clearly still feels young and vibrant and vital. She’s doing her thing. She doesn’t need our permission or our approval to wear tight leather pants.

In case you like Kris’s outfit here is something similar:

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