This is a picture from Kendall Jenner’s Instagram page. She’s wearing black and white embellished super short shorts with a matching jacket.

Kendall  captioned the above pic ‘strawberry swing’. In case you hadn’t notice she’s holding a strawberry (or some kind of red object that could be a strawberry) between her thumb and index finger.

What do you think of the pic?

We’ll say this, if we saw a 19 year old (or a woman of any age for that matter) walking around in our neighborhood in shorts this short, our inner granny would come out tsk tsking and wagging her finger. But we have to give Kendall a pass on account of the fact that the rules are different in Hollywood.

You can’t wear shorts that short outside of Hollywood without looking like you’re advertising a service for sale. But in Hollywood this falls under “if you’ve got it flaunt it”. And you can’t argue with Kendall’s emphatically demonstrated statement. The girl’s got it and she’s flaunting it. And if you have a problem with it, eat her strawberry.

Seriously though, don’t wear such super short shorts out in public. It’s not a good look for the rest of us.

It’s fine for Kendall. She’s Kendall Jenner. She can get away with it. It’s stylish when she does it. Her fans will applaud and beg for more.  When you do it everyone will think you’re the S word (rhymes with glut) or the W word (rhymes with shore). Guys will catcall and blow whistles and what not; but it won’t be because they think you’re hottest thing they’ve ever seen. Not in the way you hope. It will be because they are responding to the message they perceive you to be sending out–that you so desperately want attention you’re willing to compromise your self-respect to get it.

We’re not judging. We’ve been there. We’ve done that. Our skirts used to be so short we’d be flashing people on the subway train in NY, going up the subway stairs. We weren’t the S word or the W word but people called us that anyway. And men hassled us. And it didn’t feel good. We did kind of sort of dress the way we dressed out of a need for attention, but not the kind of attention that made us feel like we belonged in the red light district working the streets.



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