Have you seen the looks featured in the Kendall Jenner Mango Tribal Spirit campaign?

Today we swung by Mango.com and discovered that Kendall Jenner has teamed up with Mango and stars in their “Tribal Spirit” ad campaign. We haven’t been keeping up with Kendall lately so we were clueless about the Kendall Jenner Mango Tribal Spirit campaign.

You’ve got to hand it to Kendall because Mango usually works with pretty big names in the modeling industry. They’ve worked with Kate Moss for a while. We believe Cara Delevingne also works with Mango. Miranda Kerr had a short-lived run with Mango. Even Gisele Bundchen once had a contract with Mango. So Mango is known to work with the biggest names in modeling, which means Kendall Jenner is securely established as one of the biggest names in modeling. Even so, we were surprised to see Kendall repping for Mango.

Mango is a pretty affordable brand, and from what we can tell they make pretty stylish clothing.

Here’s Look #1 from the Kendall Jenner Mango tribal spirit campaign

Kendall Jenner wearing Mango cargo pants with a Mango sweater bracelet and sandals
Kendall Jenner wearing Mango cargo pants with a Mango sweater bracelet and sandals – Image via Mango.com

In this look Kendall is wearing a pair of Mango khaki Cargo palazzo trousers ($49.99) with an ecru-colored Mango fringed cotton sweater ($69.99), a pair of black Mango Interlinked cord sandals ($79.99), a Mango braided belt ($19.99) and a Mango gold cuff bracelet ($15.99)

Another look from the Kendall Jenner Mango Tribal Spirit campaign

Kendall Jenner Mango blouse skirt trench coat earrings
Kendall Jenner Mango blouse skirt trench coat earrings – image via Mango.com

In this next look Kendall is wearing an ecru-colored Mango blouse that comes with an attached necklace adornment. The Mango Appliqués neck blouse comes with a $39.99 price tag. It also comes in black and it’s made of 100% viscose. With the blouse she’s wearing a medium brown Mango suede wrap skirt that comes with a $79.99 price tag, a Mango flowy trench coat that comes with a $149.99 price tag and a pair of Mango Metal pendant earrings that come with a $15.99 price tag.

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