Kendall Jenner: the 10 million dollar woman

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According to a story we’ve read, Kendall Jenner is allegedly suing a skincare company for using her picture in their ads without her permission. And she’s (allegedly) demanding that the company turn over any profits they’ve made from the use of her picture. And it had better not be anything less than ten million dollars (10 million) because that’s the least amount they would have had to pay had they legally booked her to rep their company.

The company being sued (Cutera) apparently used Kendall’s photo in advertisements for a laser treatment.

In the ad they wrote:

Acne “completely ruined” Kendall Jenner’s self esteem. Visits to a dermatologist for Laser Genesis (a treatment to help reduce redness and scars) has left her with nearly flawless skin.

Guessing the company underestimated Kendall and thought she was already so rich and so famous she wouldn’t be bothered by something as trivial as having them use her picture in their advertising material. They probably figured she was too busy to notice and certainly too busy to bother setting her lawyers on them. Guess they thought wrong.

You would think a company that’s going to run very public ads using the face of a person as famous as Kendall Jenner would know how the law works with regard to that sort of thing, so we’re tempted to think that somebody gave them permission to use the picture. Or else they figured they were covered under the fair use laws.

But Kendall is having none of it. Through her lawyers she has made it clear that she has:

“graced the covers of the world’s most prestigious fashion magazines, including Vogue, Vogue Paris, Vogue Japan, Vogue Brazil, Harper’s Bazaar (shot by Karl Lagerfeld), Allure, GQ, Glamour, Marie Claire, LOVE, Interview, Paper, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Cleo, Garage, Dazed, Raine and BLANK, amongst others.” (source TMZ)

And we’re assuming the point of that is that with such a resume, the implication that she would be endorsing any company that doesn’t have the name recognition of those listed in the quote is insulting?

Last year Kendall was #16 on the Forbes list of the top 21 highest paid models. And of the names on the list, the #1 position was held by Gisele Bundchen with earnings of 44 million and the #2 position was held by Cara Delevingne with earnings of 9 million.
Update: The lawsuit was apparently dropped

EXCLUSIVE: Kendall Jenner mysteriously dismisses $10 million lawsuit against skin care company she accused of using her face in ads without her permission

    • Kendall Jenner dropped a $10million lawsuit against Cutera on Tuesday
    • Kendall accused the skin treatment company of illegally profiting off her face and name by using them in advertisements
    • The company’s advertisements for their Laser Genesis treatment for acne claimed their treatments were the reason for Kendall’s ‘flawless skin’
    • Kendall said she never did a deal to promote the company and claimed she would charge eight figures for a similar endorsement 
    • Court documents don’t explain why Kendall threw out her lawsuit
    • Kendall did, however, dismiss her lawsuit against Cutera without prejudice


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