Of course to wear the kind of cropped top being worn by Kendall and Kylie, you need to have the stomach to pull it off.

We’re not saying you need a flat stomach to wear a cropped top. We’ve already addressed that in the post “Can you wear tops that show your stomach if your stomach isn’t flat?

But like we said in that post, if your stomach isn’t flat you should only wear a stomach-baring cropped top if you have a lot of confidence and can strut your stuff without apology. If you tend to get self conscious and embarrassed, you probably want to avoid wearing a cropped top that shows your stomach.

Even if you look like Kendall or Kylie but you get shy and self conscious when people look at you, a cropped top will tend to draw attention to you so maybe you shouldn’t wear one if you don’t want to be too noticeable.

Kylie by herself in her cropped top…

Kylie Jenner wearing cropped top
Image via @kyliejenneron Instagram – Captioned: “Baby” – Shows Kylie Jenner out and about wearing cropped top outfits

Yeah, yeah, we know–we shouldn’t be taking fashion inspiration from a 17 year old (And why not exactly?); but Kylie’s style is arguably a little more mature.

What Kylie is wearing: tan suede high waisted trousers with matching tan suede sleeveless cropped top. The items are apparently from the Tamara Mellon label, but we couldn’t verify this. We were unable to find the pieces anywhere.

What Kendall is wearing: A pink cropped long sleeved top with pale pink wide leg high waisted pants.



A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

It’s nice to see the sisters out together trying to keep it real. Sometimes when your sis is having the kind of success Kendall has been enjoying it can be difficult to deal with. But Kylie seems to have enough confidence in herself. Not to mention she’s got her own success. That always helps.



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