Kate Hudson posted the above picture of herself lying on the edge of a pool somewhere in Greece where she’s currently vacationing according to the caption of this other pic which she also posted on her Instagram.

Kate Hudson on vacation in Greece
Via Instagram @katehudson Good morning summer vaca ☀️🙌☕️ #SchoolsOutForSummer

Kate’s bikini is from the Acacia Swimwear line. Judging from the pictures on their website they make swimwear for out of this world gorgeous girls with out of this world incredible figures. Seriously though, we’re sure you don’t have to look like a Victoria’s Secret angel to wear Acacia swimwear. But you probably need to be comfortable showing skin.

As for Kate Hudson, her sexy poolside pic has no doubt earned her a few new fans.

Here’s a small sample of some of the comments Instagram users left on Kate’s page:

We totally understand how @deanna551 feels;  but it’s always a better choice to allow yourself to get inspired rather than to lose confidence and feel defeated when you see someone with something you want. Kate worked for that body and you can too. If you want it badly enough you’ll do what it takes. So get inspired and go get yours. You could also take the approach of celebrating what you have. It’s better to believe that your body is beautiful the way that it is than to think someone else’s body is beautiful and yours is not. Your body needs your love. It works hard for you and deserves the love and praise you give to someone else’s body.

Admire Kate. She’s beautiful. But admire yourself. You’re beautiful too.



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