Diane Kordas necklace WOW 18kt Rose Gold blue white diamonds

Wow them with your Diane Kordas necklace

Made of 18kt rose gold with blue diamonds and white diamonds, this Diane Kordas necklace is available for purchase via Stylebop.com. The WOW! comic books inspired Diane Kordas necklace comes with a $2,235 price tag. Great necklace for layering with other fine jewelry.

The Closet Tale: Justine – The Diane Kordas Necklace

I am not for the faint of heart or for those who cannot afford me. I am a diamond and rose gold necklace that retails for around 3k. However for those who appreciate me I am the perfect complement for any event or any time out on the town. You will love my detail as well as my design when you take a quick look at me. There is nothing that is lovelier than the look and the feel of the design as well the details that are a part of my look. One thing is for certain, I am meant for the most discriminating of tastes. What this means is that you will have access to all of the best options when you have me in your wardrobe.

I made my way from the warehouse to the home of Jennifer who is a business executive and a technology executive. When it was time for me to go out and look amazing on her, I found myself sitting more and more in the box even though there was plenty of time and plenty of excuses for her to head out and spend a night out on the town.

It was one particular evening when I got pulled out of my box and I saw the beautiful dress that she intended to pair me with, it was an amazing turquoise number that would perfect on her or any woman. She slipped into the dress and paired it with the perfect pair of gold heels as well as then a matching ring that compliments the ensemble. She then picked me up and put me on! Wow what a good feeling to be out of the box and actually doing something. I knew in that moment that I was going to rock this night. It was right after that, that I was then looking like the star center piece of her night out. She dolled up by curling her hair and applying some MAC makeup and then she headed out.

Our first stop was at the latest hotspot in New York and we were greeted by her oldest friends. Jennifer and her friends all looked as though they all belonged on their own television shows as they made their way around the town. The first spot was drinks, the second was dinner at a Thai fusion joint, and the third and final location was a night club playing the hottest trance music. It was there that Jennifer spotted him, Chad, a guy she had a previous amazing date with and wanted to see again. Then she noticed he leaned over the bar and ordered her fav martini and now he was making his way towards her with the martini in hand across the clouded dance floor. He knew what she wanted and what she liked and he was going to be there in a moment. In that second, I got nervous, like I had some control on the situation, but you could see it already in his eyes.


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