Do you wake up looking haggard and worn? You need a beauty pillow!

Probably the most crucial part of your face care routine takes place while you are sleeping. If you do not have a pillow that is specifically designed to protect your face while you sleep — a beauty pillow — you are probably doing harm to your skin every night. Especially if you are at an age where your skin is losing elasticity. Sleeping on your stomach, and putting your face on an ordinary pillow with ordinary pillow cases could be negating any benefit you might gain from the anti-aging products you use every day. Your pillow could be causing your face to sag more rapidly, causing the bags under your eyes to be more pronounced, and accelerating the development of nasolabial folds.

Best beauty pillow Picture of an aging woman illustrating nasolabial folds
This image is being used strictly to illustrate what is meant by nasolabial folds. This beautiful lady’s picture is not being used in connection with the headline question. Aging is a natural process and our goal here is not to contribute to negative attitudes about the natural aging process. It is to help women look and feel their best regardless of their age – By Mikael Häggström, from original by Sue Campbell/U.S. Air Force – Source imageFile:Before and after dynamic smile reconstruction.jpg, Public Domain, Link

Sleep is arguably the most important element of your skin care routine…

If you are not getting enough sleep every night, and your sleep is not restful and calm, it will affect how your face looks.

Everyone knows that sleep is important. If you don’t get an adequate amount of sleep you do not function at your highest level. And you do not wake up in the morning feeling or looking your best. For those who are aging, sleep is even more important because lack of it accelerates the aging process. As people age their sleep pattern can tend to become disturbed. They can become restless, toss and turn more, struggle more to stay asleep throughout the night. Beauty pillows are designed specifically to help you fight back against the damage that can take place during sleep while using ordinary pillows and pillow cases.

Featured Product

YourFacePillow – Anti Wrinkle | Anti Aging | Wrinkle Prevention | Acne Treatment | Natural Beauty | Back & Side Sleeping Pillow

This beauty pillow is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on (as of 4:39:56 pm August 24 2017) (check it on

best beauty pillow your face pillow prevents wrinkles stops acne anti-aging
Image via – best beauty pillow your face pillow prevents wrinkles stops acne anti-aging

Most of the reviews of this anti-aging acne fighting wrinkle preventing beauty pillow are positive. We here at best beauty pillow have not tried out this beauty pillow so we cannot provide a review that is based on our own use of the product.

Giving the product a 4-star rating, Amazon customer DrHeidiLynn, says that the pillow helps her to stay on her back while sleeping, which is a very important element of any beauty pillow. The best way to sleep to prevent your face from sagging is on your back. Sleeping on your back also helps to prevent acne from putting your face on material that causes you to break out. And studies have shown that sleeping on your sides or on your stomach can help increase the rate at which your face wrinkles.

Other customers have said that they still roll over in their sleep, so it might not be the case the the pillow will stop you from rolling over on your sides during sleep, but according to some users who still roll over, the pillow still offers good comfort and support while sleeping your side.

Changing the way you sleep can be difficult but a quality beauty pillow will help you make the transition

Don’t sleep with your face down!

Try not to sleep with your face down if you can. The best way to sleep is on your back and a good beauty pillow will help you do that more easily.



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