The impact of a disordered home on your overall life, including your fashion choices, cannot be overlooked. Yesterday I had to go out and I was feeling unbalanced mentally and emotionally, physically. I dressed according to how I was feeling. I looked bleak and dowdy and unattractive. And because I knew I didn’t look good that made me feel even worse. And I’m convinced that a big part of why I was feeling (and still am) so unbalanced is because my apartment is in a mess.

All aspects of our lives are connected…

I admit I don’t do well when it comes to maintaining a neat and tidy home. These past few days I’ve been feeling extra frustrated and I’m inclined to think part of it has to do with the atmosphere inside my apartment. Everything is out of order. The place needs a thorough Spring cleaning.

There might not seem to be a connection between the condition in which you keep your home and fashion; but there is very much a connection. We all know that how a person feel affects how they look and how they look affects how they feel. How you feel is affected by many factors, including factors having to do with your physical environment not just outside but also at home.

It’s been pretty dreary and dismal in my neck of the woods. And it doesn’t help when the outside is mucky to have the inside disordered and dirty as well. So I think the combination of gray and uninspiring weather and an apartment that hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned in too long has been affecting me negatively so that I haven’t been feeling very motivated in most aspects of my life.

The connection between the state of your home and your fashion choices

When you step out into the world, how you represent yourself and the attitude that you bring with you is directly tied to everything that is going on in your life. And your home is the center of your universe. How you keep your home has a direct impact on your mental condition. Your mental condition affects your physical condition. How often do you find yourself feeling motivated to dress your best when you’re angry, depressed or otherwise feeling mentally drained and frustrated? In that frame of mind you just want to throw on a burlap sack and call it a day.

A dirty cluttered home can only help to keep you in a negative and unmotivated frame of mind. Whereas a well organized, uncluttered, clean and aromatic home can help to put you in a more positive frame of mind and inspire you to work harder at keeping all aspects of your life in balance. And when your life is balanced and you’re feeling good, you don’t reach for the burlap sack. You reach for something nice that expresses how good you’re feeling.

So keep your home ordered to avoid making bad fashion choices…

I don’t know about you, but I prefer life when I’m feeling good. So I am about to embark on a mission to transform my living space to try to make it more of a sanctuary for myself and the two people with whom I share this apartment. Because if the environment in which you live is not happy and healthy you’re not going to be happy and healthy. And when you’re not happy and healthy you make choices that only serve to make things worse for yourself. Including seemingly harmless choices like wearing something dowdy and unattractive to go out in public.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out in public dressed poorly because I didn’t care how I looked. But then I would see these well dressed ladies and I would feel even worse about myself. At the end of the day, even if you believe appearance doesn’t matter, you have to strive to achieve balance in your life. And part of that process includes your physical body–how you take care of it and how you dress it. And as off the wall as it might sound, your home environment could be deflating your mood and inspiring you to dress in a way that further deflates your mood which compounds the problem and keeps you trapped in a never-ending cycle.

So if you’re like me and your home is in a mess, there’s no time like the present to get started working at getting your home in order.


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