We’re putting our resident  mannequin to work to demonstrate how a red top would look with red skinny jeans.

You can wear a red top with red skinny jeans; but be sure that you have the confidence to wear that much red!

Red is a standout color so if you’re the type who prefers not to stand out, red skinny jeans might not be a wise choice.

But if you’re going to wear red skinny jeans anyway, maybe you’d be better off choosing a different color top to wear with your jeans. You’ll stand out wearing the jeans by themselves. But you’ll stand out even more wearing them with a red top.

On the other hand, if you don’t tend to get uncomfortable with being noticed, by all means you can wear a red top with your red skinny jeans. Why not? Head to toe red can work depending on where you’re going to be wearing the outfit.

Tips for wearing a red top with red skinny jeans…

  • Offset the red with black shoes (black pumps or black ankle boots), a black belt if wearing a belt, and a black bag.
  • We’d also recommend that you go with a less vibrant shade of red. Don’t wear crimson red jeans with a crimson red top for example. You could wear a garnet red top with cherry red jeans. True red and other blindingly bright reds are colors you really want to know what you’re doing before you venture to wear.

red skinny jeans red blouse

shop nordstrom designer collections

So yesterday we dressed our mannequin in a pair of red skinny jeans and a red blouse from Monica’s Closet.

We figured we’d start a lookbook for the mannequin. This is her first lookbook entry.

Her outfit is entirely composed of thrift store purchases so we’ll just recommend these J Brand Low Rise Ankle Skinny Jeans and this Two by Vince Camuto silk utility blouse.

mannequin wearing red skinny jeans red blouse standing outside room

Not shown in the pictures are a pair of black ankle boots. We recommend browsing through the women’s boots section at Nordstrom.com to find your perfect pair of boots to wear with your red top red skinny jeans outfit.


We recommend a nice pair of black stiletto heeled ankle boots. But if you’re not particularly keen on the boots idea, a pair of high heeled pumps can work as well. Possibly even a pair of black ballerina flats can work (especially if you’re a taller girl).

mannequin wearing red skinny jeans red blouse standing in front of stair case

Where are some places that would be appropriate for wearing a red blouse with red skinny jeans and black stiletto pumps or ankle boots?

Maybe out on a third or 4th date? We’d say definitely don’t wear so much red on your first date. Like we said, red screams look at me. And you probably don’t want to come off like you’re trying too hard on your first date. Of course whether or not this outfit would be appropriate for your date will depend on where you’re going. This would probably not be the best choice of outfit if, say, you’re going to an art museum. You don’t want to look like you’re there to compete with the museum’s collections to get people’s notice.



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