Most of relationships start off with butterflies and all the right feelings. At some point, there comes the moment when you both decide to take the next step and meet the families. This particular step is known to be pretty stressful for most people. What are they going to think? Are they going to like me? Am I going to like them? What will they ask? So many questions…

Even though I have been there and I survived, I cannot answer any of these questions. But I can help you pick out an outfit that will start your dinner off on the right note.



I highy recommend something feminine, but very decent! Be careful with the neckline and the lenght of the skirt or dress. You don’t want to show too much.

Also, pay attention to the colors you will be wearing. Go for pastels and neutral colors, rather than bright or very dark colors. You will stand out just being yourself, you don’t need to risk sending the wrong message. Check out this article for a more detailed guide on colors.

Try to avoid open toe shoes! Some people consider showing your toes in public indecent. Did you know that you can’t even enter certain establishments if you are wearing open toe shoes? The Buckingham Palace, for exemple, has a very strict view on this matter.

Minimize your accesories. This is not really the time to wear those flashy bracelets or those long and heavy earrings.

My outfit



I went for a high neckline dress. I love this dress because it also has all the right colors, the perfect print and the right length. It is still a simple and formal dress.

I also chose a beige cardigan with small rhinestones along the neckline. I made sure not to have too make of these stones, though!

The shoes are also beige with a round toe to go with the dress and the overall look.

The clutch bag compliments the whole outfit by its shape and color. It is also simple and elegant.

I didn’t apply heavy makeup either. Just a little bit of eyeliner and mascara are enough, in my opinion.

The hair is also important! I went for a loose and curly tail on the side, so it looks done but not stiff.


Where to find the items?

Forever 21 has so many perfect dresses for this ocasion! Look around and pick one that will flatter your body and send the right message!

While you’re there, check out their clutches too! You might just find the right one for your outfit!


Your opinion

What would you wear on this ocasion?

What would you change about my outfit?


Enjoy your colors!






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