How to achieve happiness – simple and easy steps


They say life is difficult. Personally, I cannot agree. Life is what you make it.

No matter who you are, you want to be happy. For every each one of us, happiness means something different. Some of us feel closer to the goal, some feel that happiness is far from them. No matter the case, happiness is one step away and all you need to do is to accept it. Get ready!

Follow these easy steps:

Be exactly who you are. Unfortunately, there is so much pressure on us to fit in a society ruled by shallowness. You may feel like you are not good enough, compared to everyone else who seems to be doing great. Everyone has their own issues, they just try to show off their best. Stop comparing yourself and be exactly who you are. Find your own style, your own words and your own path. Trust me, you are more than good enough! 

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Bring your expectations down to Earth. If you are human, you will never be perfect. Of course, you must always try to grow in spirit, but perfection doesn’t exist. So stop looking for the person you wish you were and start loving the one you are. You are simply amazing just the way you are!

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Meditate. If you are not into traditional meditation, I still have good news for you! Looking out the window and admiring a beautiful sight is form of meditation. Every time you listen to a song you love or every time you go for a walk in the park, you are meditating. Do that as often as you can in order to connect with your inner self.

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Eat, sleep and be thankful. Treat yourself like a queen. Your body is a sanctuary and your spirit can’t breathe if you don’t treat your body right. Happiness comes from small details. Eat healthy, sleep as much as you need and thank yourself for everything you are, each morning before getting out of bed. At first, you may feel like you have to force yourself to be thankful, but after a few days you will start to notice just how awesome you are.

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Create a vision board. Growing is part of becoming and being happy. Don’t be afraid to wish for more than you think you can imagine. You are unlimited and your dreams are waiting for you to realize how powerful you are. Make yourself a vision board using pictures and words that describe what you really wish for. Pay attention to stay true to yourself and decide if you want something for your own happiness or you’ve got caught in others’ wishes. Sometimes we want things that others have just because it seems to make them happy. Make sure you have your own wishes in your sight at home. Make changes anytime you feel it’s needed, redo it from scratch if you change your mind. It’s your own vision board! Go bold!

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Always remember to stay true to yourself. Follow these five steps and discover that happiness is right in your heart, not somewhere far away. Let us know how it’s going! Send us pics of your vision board if you feel like sharing! Never stop to inspire!


  1. I love these new life style articles! I’m totally giving a try to the vision board and I’ve never thought of meditation like this! Keep up the good work!


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