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Who’s That Girl in the high low yellow tulle skirt?

We don’t know who the lady is in the featured picture. It’s a stock photo. But she definitely caught our attention in her high low yellow tulle skirt. But it’s not just the skirt obviously, it’s her entire look from head to toe. We admire people who have the confidence to do what they want with their own body and to take to the streets and strut their stuff with their head held high while wearing outfits that the rest of us might be afraid to wear.

Would you wear the outfit this lady is wearing?

(characters are fictional)

Delia: Totally! I would wear it. If I thought I could pull it off, but I probably couldn’t pull it off. I think I’d look ridiculous in it?

Francesca: I’m pretty low key. I don’t like drawing attention to myself, so no. I wouldn’t wear it. You can’t go unnoticed in an outfit like that. Too many people would be looking at me for my comfort.

Is the tulle skirt trend still going?

2019 is almost over so this question is probably best left until 2020 to investigate. But from a quick Google check, it seems like tulle skirts were in fact still going in 2019. Some of us think tulle skirts are cute and we’re wanting to buy ourselves a high low yellow tulle skirt. Others of us think it’s time for the tulle skirt trend to die.

Who can wear tulle skirts?

Are tulle skirts only for skinny girls under age 30?

Depends who you ask. Everybody’s got an opinion about something. Whatever your size, whatever your age, wear whatever you want. We’ve read comments from women who say they bought a tulle skirt but never wore it because they were afraid for one reason or another to do with their size or their age. They were afraid of the opinions of the people who think that tulle skirts aren’t for everybody. We say to heck with what anyone thinks. Wear what ever you want!

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