We just came across pictures of the Ancient Greek Sandals trunk show on the Moda Operandi website.

We love sandals. In fact we think it’s possible we might get more excited over sandals than over high heels.

On any given day you’re more likely to find us wearing a pair of sandals (flat sandals) than you’re likely to find us wearing high heels. There’s something about a pair of flat sandals. They’re cute and they’re easy to walk in (provided they aren’t uncomfortable in some way). They give you a light and laid-back, relaxed feeling.

Image via Moda Operandi.com

The footwear brand Ancient Greek Sandals makes some very gorgeous flat sandals. The brand was launched by Greeks designers Christina Martini and Nikolas Minoglou in 2012.

According to the about page on their website, their sandals are “handmade locally by skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques that have existed for centuries.” They describe their sandals as having “a raw, yet feminine aesthetic” that distinguishes them from other sandals.

We would definitely agree that Ancient Greek Sandals designs some very nice sandals. At least from what we’ve seen in pictures. We don’t actually own a pair yet. The variety of styles is exciting. The quality looks superior (but we’re judging from photos). And we get that “want it feeling” looking through the Moda Operandi Collection.

Our top Ancient Greek Sandals Moda Operandi Trunk show picks

Ancient Greek Sandals Maria Sandals and Frini sandals

The Maria Sandal and the Frini sandal from Ancient Greek Sandals

Ancient Greek Sandals Maria Sandals in Natural & Black VachettaThe Maria Sandals in Natural & Black Vachetta are described as “sling back Ancient Greek Sandals” that feature “crossed straps rendered in vachetta leather”. You can get these sandals monogrammed. We probably wouldn’t bother with that aspect personally; but if you like the idea of getting your monogram on your sandals, you can do that. These sandals come with a $250 price tag.

Ancient Greek Sandals Monogrammable Frini Sandals in Natural Vachetta
The Frini are tall sandals that feature multiple buckle closures. These sandals are also monogrammable. They come with a $465 price tag. We think they’d look great with some frayed edge denim shorts and a nice breezy top in a shade similar to the sandals.

Ancient Greek Sandals Thalpori sandals Electra Sandals
Image via Moda Operandi

The Thalpori Sandal and the Electra sandal from Ancient Greek Sandals

Ancient Greek Sandals Monogrammable Thalpori Sandals in Glitter Vachetta

Featuring a glitter embellished front strap, the Thalpori sandals from Ancient Greek Sandals are another pair of monogram optional sandals made of natural brown vachetta leather. They come with a $260 price tag.

Ancient Greek Sandals Monogrammble Electra Sandals in Burgundy Vachetta

The Electra are burgundy vachetta leather sandals featuring ankle straps that wrap around the foot and ankle. You can get these monogrammed if you wish. They come with a $215 price tag.

Already own one or more pairs of Ancient Greek Sandals? Share your pics on our facebook page or comment below to let us know how much you love (or not?) your sandals.

Want to see pictures of celebrities wearing Ancient Greek sandals? Check out the “Followers” section on the ancientgreeksandals.com website.

celebrities wearing Ancient Greek sandals
Image via ancientgreeksandals.com – Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna and Naomi Watts wearing sandals from Ancient Greek Sandals

Want to get a pair of Ancient Greek Sandals?

Shop Ancient Greek Sandals at Moda Operandi


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