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Spring is on Thursday March 20th 2014. As of today there are 27 days until Spring. Of course where I live that won’t necessarily mean the snow will be over. I could be seeing snow all into April; but here’s hoping there won’t be any more major snow that stays on the ground for months.

Gucci hair calf animal print platform pumps j brand green skinny jeans yellow silk blouse Givenchy Antigona bag coral red blazer

Styling Suggestion: You can’t get more bright or more colorful than if you wear your teal green J Brand Coated Skinny Jean with your Joseph Ange yellow long-sleeved v-neck silk blouse and your Vermillion orange boy blazer from Smythe. Go bold by wearing your Gucci animal print haircalf platform pumps” adding a gold necklace and a gold bracelet and your Victoria Beckham Feather Aviator oversized green-lens sunglasses. Adorn your finger with your Monica Vinader Siren Cocktail Green Onyx ring. Now grab your beige Givenchy Antigona Small leather tote bag and head on out to have yourself a bright and colorfully exciting spring day.

go bold for spring in green j brand skinny jeans yellow silk blouse vermillon blazer Gucci leopard print pumps

Note: Yes the model is not real. She was built in photoshop and the clothing items were made to look as if she’s wearing them. The background is a picture of Arca Della Pace Milano Italy plaza statue arch.

Gucci animal print haircalf platform crisscross straps pumps

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A platform to jump start the fashion jungle” Gucci ignite a leopard-print revolution with these vertiginous pumps. Exotic allure is enhanced with a texture-tackling haircalf and suede combination as the peep toe and criss-cross strap lend a roar of sensuality.

These Gucci pumps have a rounded peep toe and criss-crossing straps with gold-toned buckle closure. They are made of calf leather. The insole and sole are also leather. The heel height is 5.25 inches with a 1.5 inch platform.

Wearing animal print shoes can be tricky to pull off. Sometimes you just have to live a little and not worry who’s going to think what about your style choices. Lot’s of people are very rigid when it comes to fashion. They hear that you’re not supposed to do this and you’re not supposed to do that and they take it as gospel and hold themselves and everybody else to it. If you like how you look that should be all that matters.

The J Brand Jeans

J Brand green Coated Skinny Jean

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J Brand Coated Skinny Jean
– Two faux front pockets
– Shiny finish
– Embossed button and concealed front zip fastening
54% cotton 32% polyester 4% elastane

Idle Thought: I would love to be able to afford a pair of J Brand jeans. I’m curious to find out what all the fuss is about with designer jeans. Not just J Brand but other brands as well.

I’m sure every woman would love to have a bottomless bank account and be able to buy any number of pairs of designer jeans her heart desires; but many of us can’t afford to buy one pair much less several. For me a $407 pair of jeans is out of the question unless I win the lottery or something.

The Victoria Beckham Feather Aviator Sunglasses

Victoria Beckham Feather Aviator oversized green lens sunglasses

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Victoria Beckham Feather Aviator
– Oversized green lenses
– Thin metal arms
– Complete with case and box

Stupid Gossip Stuff: I saw headlines about Victoria Beckham yesterday. Apparently she admitted to a magazine that she had in fact once gotten breast implants and had them removed. I’m not sure why that matters to anybody. Why would we care about whether or not any woman had breast implants or didn’t have breast implants. Why does that matter to the point where years after she has taken them out people are still wanting to know if she really had gotten implants” even if she doesn’t have them anymore. What’s the relevance? So lot’s of people get to shout “I knew it!” or “I told you so!” — then what? What do they get from this that has value in their lives?

The Joseph Ange yellow Silk Blouse

Joseph Ange yellow long-sleeved v-neck silk blouse

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Joseph Ange LS V NK Silk Blouse
– Split v neckline with cut out slit back detail
– Shirttail hemline” loose silhouette
– Slips on

The Vermillion orange boy blazer from Smythe

Vermillion orange boy blazer from Smythe

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Vermillion orange boy blazer from Smythe featuring peaked lapels single button front closure and single chest broad welt pocket. Has three-quarter length sleeves two front flap pockets and a leopard print lining

The Monica Vinader green onyx Siren cocktail ring

Monica Vinader Siren Cocktail Ring Green Onyx

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Monica Vinader Siren Cocktail Ring Grn Onyx
– Green onyx gemstone
– Wave edge band
– Irregular shape

The Givenchy beige Antigona Small leather tote

Givenchy beige Antigona Small leather tote bag

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Seller says…

Givenchy’s “Antigona Small” tote is the bag topping everyone’s wish list. Coveted for its tough structured silhouette this nude leather style is an achingly cool investment for seasons to come.

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