Going on a date is always exciting, whether it’s the first one ever or the standard weekly dinner you’ve been having with the same person for months. It’s such a great excuse to doll up and pamper yourself (not that you need an excuse to do this!) and discovering new locations or visiting old favorites is a great way to spend the evening. And the date might just occupy your thoughts for the whole day, if not several days in advance, and your beauty prep can start that early too, especially if you don’t want to be scrambling a look together minutes before the doorbell rings.


spaThe first and most important tip is to just take it easy and relax. When you are in a frenzy and stressed, you are more likely to break out, forget to do some part of your routine and you simply won’t have fun. And the process of getting ready is all about feeling good. So make yourself a nice, relaxing bath, light some candles, and think in advance. You won’t be able to relax if you are racing the clock. Give yourself a little head massage while you are washing your hair, put on your favorite scented body lotion and do everything you need to feel completely at peace.

Dress to express

dressFind out where you are going on your date and dress according to the situation and the weather. Planning your outfit in advance is great, but have a few variations of the outfit available, because you might want to change depending on your mood when you are actually getting dressed. Make sure you are completely comfortable in what you are wearing, otherwise your date might think you are acting uncomfortable because of them.


hairIf you are in a bit of a rush, then multitasking is the way to go. Brush your teeth while drying your hair and shave while your face mask is absorbing. But if you really want to save time – and feel glamorous while doing it – find a hair salon that also offers manicures and pedicures, so you can have a complete makeover all at once. You will walk out feeling like a million bucks and then all that’s left is to put some makeup on and get dressed in your chosen outfit. This will also give the impression that you dedicated a lot of time and effort into your look, when it was really one of the easiest options for you.

Wear long-lasting makeup

Who knows how long you’ll be out dancing the night away, and you definitely don’t want your face melting off midway through the date. This is why you should carefully choose the makeup that is waterproof, sweat-proof and budge-proof. There are plenty of tricks on making your makeup stay on for longer, and you should feel free to use all of them. Before you leave, set your makeup with a setting spray, and put a few of the essentials in your purse for touch-ups on the go.

Think in advance

big smileSome preparations are best done several days before the date. For example, waxing can leave your skin feeling irritated and red, so you want to do that at least two days in advance to make sure you give it time to calm down. The same goes for plucking and shaving. If you are exfoliating your skin, do it the day before, because it will leave your skin feeling quite sensitive – sometimes too sensitive for makeup. If you have some things that you can do before the day of, even if you don’t have to – for example, teeth whitening – you should do them to get them out of the way and clear your schedule. You can also pack your clutch, make sure your tights are rip-free and that you’ve done any non-date-related things that would otherwise take up time of the evening. If you are planning on staying out until the sun comes up, do the things from tomorrow’s task list as well.

Make sure that you don’t keep your date waiting, and that you have enough money to offer to split the bill or pay your cab home afterwards. If you’ve been with the person for a long time, or if it is a special occasion, consider bringing a small gift to show your appreciation for them.


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