People seem to prefer to spend money to buy clothes they don’t like, over the idea of getting their clothes custom made.

Why do people think it’s embarrassing to get their clothes custom made?  Back in the day, getting your clothes custom made meant you were poor and couldn’t afford ready-made clothes. But these are different times. These are times that have seen some people become famous and wealthy off their sewing blogs where they showcase their skill at making their own clothes. This is the DIY era. Making your own stuff is no longer something you do only because you’re poor and can’t afford to buy the stuff already made. These days, people make their own stuff because they are smarter. They know they can save money and customize whatever it is they are making to suit their specific needs. Of course, when it comes to getting your clothes custom made, you’re not exactly doing it yourself. You’re hiring somebody to make your clothes for you. It’s a little bit of a different concept from the DIY concept.

Should you get your clothes custom made?

I have recently hired someone to make me two pairs of pants because I saw some wide leg pants that I liked, but they cost too much money, and similar styles cannot be found anywhere for less. Not that you can’t find inexpensive wide leg pants, but you can’t find inexpensive wide leg pants that are as stylish as what you can find on the sites that sell high end designer clothing. Or maybe you can and I just don’t know where to look? But I haven’t been able to find any. So I’ve hired someone to make me a couple of wide leg pants. And depending on how that turns out, I might just choose from here on to get all my clothes custom made.

Get your clothes custom made at

Is it more expensive to get your clothes custom made than to shop in stores for affordable ready-made clothes?

It’s probably going to be a little bit more expensive to get your clothes custom made than to shop in stores for affordable ready-made clothes. But getting your clothes custom made means you will not have to settle for whatever styles are available in stores. You can get someone to make you a dress according to your specifications. In my case, the wide leg trousers that I’m getting made will be a cross between two pairs of designer wide leg trousers that I saw on Each of these designer wide leg pants was over $1000. Who’s got that kind of money to spend on a pair of pants? So I found someone who is going to make me two pairs of wide leg trousers that blend parts from each of the designer wide leg trousers. And the total cost including materials is $110.

It remains to be seen if it will have been worth it or not. She hasn’t started making the pants yet. Maybe I will end up having wasted $110. Or maybe this will be the start of me getting my clothes custom made and filling my closet with things I actually want to wear.



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