We’ve been all waiting for this day for so long. 170 countries will be watching the first episode of Game of Thrones Season 5 tomorrow evening, at 9 on HBO!

Right before the big event, we are bringing you the new Season 5 looks!

Arya Stark



Photo Source: www.ibtimes.com

This girl really needed a new look. Even though the her frayed clothes and short, messy hair were fit for the last season, Arya Stark gets a whole new look for Season 5.



Photo Source: www.entertainmentwise.com

Photos from the set have emerged all over the internet and Arya Stark’s look is maybe the biggest shocker! Her boyish look will fade away once she finds a new home in Bravos. Even though some critics are saying that this look is making Arya a lot older and ordinary, we are happy to see her in something more feminine and fresh.

Tyrion Lannister



Photo Source: www.fanpop.com

It looks like Tyrion Lannister will bring a whole new look this season! Escaping and killing his father forced him to run away from King’s Landing and faith hasn’t been on his side, because photos from the set show us a very different Tyrion than we are used to!



Photo Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

A huge beard, long hair and a hood can not even be compared to what Tyrion used to look like. It seems that he is still on the run and his royal clothes won’t be seen anytime soon.

Sansa Stark



Photo Source: www.funmozar.com

It looks like Sansa Stark had undergone a makeover too! It’s about time to see Sansa in a different light, other than being a young and naive girl.



Photo Source: www.vainityfair.com

Darker hair, black clothes, feathers and chains – this time Sansa looks a lot more powerful. It also reminds us of Jon Snow, her brother, who is always wearing black.

These are just a few new looks from Game of Thrones Season 5! We hope you enjoyed them just as much as we did and we can’t wait to see the very first episode tomorrow evening, at 9 on HBO!


  1. I can’t wait until tomorrow when season 5 will start. Your comments about the old and new looks of the characters are spot on.

  2. I was expecting Arya to turn out more feminine and also Sansa to be more mature, but Sansa’s look is awesome! The chains and the feathers are perfect to show off strenght and power! Can’t wait for tomorrow evening! It’s gonna be pretty interesting!


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