Furla Candy Gloss Bon Bon Mini Crossbody bag


This hot pink Furla bag…

What am I going to wear today?

Does my Furla Candy Gloss Bon Bon Mini Crossbody bag go with my outfit?

Probably not if what you’re wearing is your Philipp Plein Split Boyfriend Jeans with your chocolate brown Brunello Cucinelli Turtleneck under your hot pink Sacai Luck Two Tone Sweater under your chocolate brown Guild Prime Biker Jacket with your chocolate brown Sergio Rossi Suede Knee Boots on.

Furla hot pink urla Handbags Candy Gloss Bon Bon Mini Crossbody Sacai Luck Two Tone Sweater Brunello Cucinelli Turtleneck Sergio Rossi Suede Knee Boots

Yeah, your sweater is hot pink; but the style of the hot pink Furla bag (Candy Gloss Bon Bon Mini Crossbody) just doesn’t work with this look. And we’re tempted to think a hot pink bag just isn’t the best choice for this look even if the bag was style appropriate.

The Furla Candy Gloss Bon Bon Mini Crossbody bag is a cute bag that you probably want to use in the spring or summer to accessorize a cute spring or summer dress. We imagine there are some top notch stylists out there who can put together a Fall/Winter outfit that is nicely accessorized with this hot pink Furla bag; but we aren’t top notch stylists, and we couldn’t put together a look for the fall and winter that incorporates this cutie without looking completely wrong.

Furla Candy Gloss Bon Bon Mini Crossbody bag hot pink

You can purchase this bag in hot pink (Fuchsia), dark green and beige at Forzieri.com

shop hot designer bags at forzieriWhat do you think about this bag?

We love the high gloss effect and how it lives up to it’s name in appearance. It’s a cute little bag, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Only $148. Since we don’t actually have one we can’t speak for how big it is in actuality and the room capacity etc. Obviously these mini bags aren’t designed to serve practical purposes. They exist to be cute, not to aide you in toting around your kitchen sink!


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