Menta is a tunic blouse from MANGO. Menta is a great top to keep around for those days when you need an oversized top to wear.

Menta is fuchsia in color and has pleated detailing near the shoulder areas. She is an oversized top with half sleeves that can be rolled up and held up using the interior flaps.

Menta can be work loose or you can wear her with a nice belt. She looks great belted.

Menta’s hem is longer in the back than in the front.

You can wear menta with jeans” leggings or other bottom or you can wear her alone.

Wedge sandals would be a great choice for footwear when wearing Menta.

Fuchsia tunic blouse blouson Menta MANGOThis item is no longer available at

Tunic blouse questions and answers

I have a protruding stomach, will a tunic blouse help me to conceal it or will a tunic blouse just emphasize it?

In some cases a tunic blouse can help to conceal a protruding stomach and in other cases a tunic blouse can emphasize a protruding stomach. It’s going to depend on the style of the blouse and on your body. If you’ve ever noticed, not all pregnant women’s bellies have the same shape. The shape of your belly will also factor into the equation in determining if a tunic blouse can help you conceal it or only emphasize it more.

  1. How is your belly shaped?
  2. How does the style of the tunic blouse work with the shape of your belly?

It’s about finding the right style of tunic blouse for your belly shape.

I’m over 40 can I wear a tunic blouse with leggings under it or will people think I’m dressed inappropriately for my age?

A tunic blouse with leggings underneath it hardly sounds like an outfit that’s only suited for a particular age. Sure, you’ll find your fair share of comments online where people will suggest leggings are for teens and should be tossed by age 30; but don’t pay any attention to these comments. They’re just silly.

I have a tunic blouse that’s pretty much the length of a dress. It reaches just a few inches above my knees. I can I wear it without pants?

If your tunic blouse is the length of a dress why shouldn’t you be able to wear it as if it’s a dress? But if you have concerns, just put on a pair of shorts with it. This way you’re not technically wearing it as a dress even though it will look that way. And you might be able to relax your mind knowing you’re really wearing a top and shorts even though no one can see the shorts. You can also wear it with mid-thigh length biker shorts. No one will see the biker-shorts but you will have that sense of comfort of knowing you’re not actually wearing the top as a dress (if you need that sense of comfort). Ultimately, if it’s the length of a dress you can wear it as a dress. It’s done all the time.



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