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Fuchsia pink tunic-length tee with scooped neckline

I think this is the same model from the red angora blend cardigan. I like this oversized tunic length scooped neck tee that she’s wearing. It looks nice and comfy.

I really need to buckle down and stop wasting time. I mean this is like my last chance to make something of myself I think.

The truth is I’m not so sure I have any real talent. I re-read my novels and other writings ( I don’t mean blog posts), and I do see ability but those were all things I wrote in the past and I don’t know that I have the talent right now.

I’m also not sure I know enough about anything to write a novel that any intelligent person is going to want to read; but it’s been my dream to become a published author since I was a teenager and I sort of gave up on that dream for a while after my first attempts to get my stuff published resulted in rejection after rejection. I’ve been feeling kind of like a failure lately and wanted to give it one last shot to see if I can complete a publishable novel by my next birthday in November.

So far all I’ve done is thought about it and now blogged about it. I need to get started. It’s 1PM right now. Maybe I’ll try to write something then get up at 2 to go workout then come back and update the websites I haven’t updated yet today then try to do nothing but write from 4PM until bedtime minus the time I’ll have to spend in the kitchen making dinner. We’ll see.

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