If you are a trend-conscious lady you may already be familiar with the Folli Follie name. If, like us, you’re a fledgling fashionista, Folli Follie might not be a name you’ve heard before.

Last week we received a surprise box of fashion and beauty items in the mail. The box was sent to us by the Rakuten Affiliate Network. Among the items in the box was a very nice Folli Follie black leather watch.

Prior to receiving this lovely gift we had not heard of Folli Follie. In case you are also unfamiliar:

Folli Follie is a Greek company founded in 1982. They design and sell original “fun, versatile, and affordable” luxury jewelry, watches, bags, and other fashion accessories.

They have stores in popular fashion locales such as London, Hong Kong, New York, Dubai, Athens, Tokyo, Beijing, and Seoul.

The Folli Follie watch that we received in our Rakuten Affiliate Network bonus box is the Donatella watch, described by Follie Follie as a watch that has “incredible style and elegance”.

Folli Follie Donatella watch in black quilted leather

Folli Follie Donatella Watch

The Donatella features a quilted black leather strap and crystal embellishments. It comes with a $225 price tag.

What we love about it…

  • The softness and glossiness of the quilted leather band
  • The practical yet stylish design
  • The contrast of the black leather and the rose gold plated case
  • The crystal embellishments
  • Everything else

Does it make us want more Folli Follie Watches?

The Donatella is a gorgeous watch. We absolutely love it. And yes, it makes us want more Folli Follie watches. But they are a little bit out of our price range for now.

We went browsing on the Folli Follie website and saw more than a few watches that we’d love to wear even if only for long enough to take some nice pictures.

Here are two of the Folli Follie watches that caught our eye
Folli Follie Heart4Heart Win watch


This gorgeous watch is the Folli Follie Heart4Heart Win watch which features a pink leather strap and rose gold plated case.

The highlight of this watch is the floating Heart4Heart design. Of course if you already struggle to tell time the traditional way (some people do), the absence of numerical time indicators might be a bit of a problem. But from the style and fashion perspective this watch is gorgeous. It comes with a $390 price tag.



We don’t know if we’d be able to tell the time on this watch; but we wouldn’t exactly be wearing it for that purpose anyway.

The Folli Follie Heartime Watch is described as a “round shaped watch” that features “an elegant eye-catching heart effect on the dial full of crystal stones and an on-trend blue leather strap”. It comes with a $320 price tag.

While we were on the Folli Follie website we also browsed through their collection of handbags and jewelry…

Here are two styles of Folli Follie handbags that caught our eye

Folli Follie K VINTAGE HANDBAG redThis bag reminds us a little bit of the Givenchy Antigona. It looks so opulent in the picture we were sure it was real leather, but it’s actually PU (synthetic leather). It comes with a $225 price tag. Their Nomad bag also bears some resemblance to the Antigona (in our opinion). That one’s real leather and comes with a $410 price tag for the large size.



This one reminds us a teensy weensy bit of a Michael Kors tote bag. We like the idea of getting two bags in one. According to the description, the bag is roomy enough to carry “your essentials, plus a tablet, a fashion magazine and a cosmetics case”.  This bag comes with a $215 price tag.

As for Folli Follie jewelry that caught our eye…

Folli Follie Rose gold plated champagne crystal stone Elements Collection ringA statement rose gold plated ring set with a champagne crystal stone. Said to be “an efortless way to add charm to any look”. Other stone colors available. Comes with an $80 price tag.

Folli Follie Rose gold plated turquoise cats eye stone Asteroid ring

Folli Follie Rose gold plated turquoise cats eye stone Asteroid ringWe have no idea how big this ring is in reality; but we’re imagining a nice big statement ring that makes a vivid and colorful statement. We can see wearing this ring with red nails. The contrast of the two colors would be totally hot. Or you could go for turquoise blue nails to keep the uniformity.

This ring also comes in red

Folli Follie Rose gold plated red cats eye stone Asteroid ringIt would be fun to do a red turquoise look. Maybe turquoise skinny jeans with a red top, this red stone rose gold plated Folli Follie ASTEROID RING, turquoise nails and maybe tan or nude heels and bag.

The Asteroid ring comes with an $80 price tag.

Our impression of Folli Follie

With only 1 Folli Follie item in our personal collection of watches jewelry and fashion accessories,  we’re not really in a position to try to sway you one way or another.

The Donatella watch that we received in the surprise Rakuten Bonus Box that was brought to our door by a Fed-Ex guy last week is a very nice watch. There’s nothing about it with which we can find fault. But again, it’s the only Folli Follie item we currently own.

We’ve seen a lot of items on their website that we like. But we’re just going by the photos on the website. The prices seem reasonable to us even if they are still too high for us right now (we still have poor girls’ bank accounts).

So with that caveat in mind, we definitely recommend you check out Folli Follie’s website to see if anything triggers that buy it now impulse. And if you do buy, share your pics on our Facebook page and let us know in the comments below what you bought and how you like it.

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