Fish pendant strass embelished necklace Pez C
Necklace with a strass embellished fish pendant. Have no idea what strass embellished means? It means the pendant is embellished with strass. So the question is” “What is strass?”

Strass is defined as:

Crystal of the ultimate chemical purity saturated with more than 30% lead oxide cut and polished with ultimate precision by a machine.

Strass is apparently the “finest crystal available” and also “the most expensive”

This is a necklace with a strass embellished fish pendant.

Like fish pendants? Like crystals? This necklace combines both a fish pendant and crystals to create a cute accessory that you can wear with everything from jeans to dresses.

Strass embellished fish pendant necklace Pez C

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Fish Pendant

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