Do you find fashion boring?

    fashion boring
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    Is it a crime to find fashion boring? Does it make sense to write on a fashion blog if you find fashion boring?

    I think that I might, possibly, maybe, find fashion boring. Clothes don’t make me happy. Bags and shoes and jewelry don’t make me happy. I have been trying to get this fashion blog to take for several years but it’s not taking and I have finally come to understand the reason. I don’t really care about fashion. I’m not a fashionista. From time to time I might see something that catches my attention and that I wish I could afford to buy, but over all, I don’t love clothes. I don’t love shoes. I don’t love bags. I don’t love jewelry. Not in the way one needs to love these things to be successful as a fashion blogger.

    fashion boring
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    I love sand. I love grass. I love standing on my hands in the sand and on the grass. I love nature. I’d rather own a camera than a pair of designer shoes. I’d rather stare at a bouquet of flowers on a table than at a Hermes Birkin bag. You’ve seen those uber wealthy ladies on Instagram, posing their expensive designer bags on tables while they’re out eating at posh restaurants. I thought I was interested in that stuff. I thought I wanted to be able to do that too–afford to buy expensive bags and prop them up on the table while I’m out having lunch at Chateau Blah Blah Blah on the French Riviera. But I don’t. Because that’s not who I am. And I now understand why, after years of trying to make this blog take off, it just hasn’t. Because to write authentically, you have to write about what you love. And I don’t love fashion. Fashion is boring to me. There. I have said it. I do indeed find fashion boring.

    I must find fashion boring because I hate shopping. No legit fashionista hates shopping. I bail on trying to find stuff to buy within two minutes of being on a website. It’s tedious. And there’s usually nothing. Even on the sites that sell designer stuff, I typically have a hard time finding anything that makes me remotely interested.  Typically. Yes, there have been times I’ve seen a cute bag, a cute pair of shoes, maybe even a cute dress, but most of the time, there’s nothing. Nothing moves me. It’s just clothes. Who cares? And so much of it is ridiculous, ostentatious nonsense that you would only wear if you take yourself a little too damn seriously. I can’t take myself that seriously. People would not allow me to take myself that seriously.

    And I’m writing all this because? Well, I needed to find something to write a post about so I went to look around for fashion inspiration and I came up with nothing. Then it occurred to me, this stuff is bleeping boring. I’m not interested in this. But I still needed something to write a post about so I figured writing about the fact that I find fashion boring is still fashion related. I know, you could not care less what I think about anything. So I find fashion boring? Who cares? Who the hell am I anyway? I get it. I get it.

    Happy Saturday!

    Much peace…


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